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    Election Law

    Helping Clients Deftly Navigate the Political Landscape
    The past decade’s well-publicized and heavily contested national and state elections, as well as increased investigations into the political process, have turned politics into a closely watched activity. As election laws and procedures become more complex, the potential for missteps, and their ensuing consequences, is greater without the guidance of experienced counsel.

    Manatt’s nationwide election law practice offers the know-how required to ensure clients adhere to the rules and compliance requirements of elections and other political activities. Our practice combines in-depth industry and regulatory knowledge with a unique understanding of the political process, drawing on the experience of lawyers with backgrounds as elected officials, political staffers and senior members within government agencies.

    We counsel elected officials, candidates, political committees, financial institutions, lobbying firms, business entities, trade associations and individual contributors on the issues surrounding the conduct of elections, including: 

    • Campaign contribution limits
    • Independent expenditures
    • Advertising regulations
    • Disclosure requirements 

    Our attorneys also advise clients on voter registration matters, ballot pamphlet issues, candidate qualification and nomination processes for elections, initiatives and referenda, ballot security, election recounts and contests and recall efforts. We also assist clients in the formation and maintenance of their Political Action Committees (PACs), the formation of Independent Expenditure Committees, and filing of federal, state and locally required campaign contribution reports.

    In investigations, our nationally recognized attorneys have substantial experience representing federal, state and local candidates and other clients before the Federal Elections Commission and the California Fair Political Practices Commission, as well as in federal and state courts. 

    Ensuring Election Law Compliance
    Our attorneys have advised presidential candidates, congressional candidates, as well as candidates for various state and local offices regarding compliance with the complex array of federal, state and local laws regulating campaign operations and contributions. We also help state and federal political committees, business entities, trade associations and individuals comply with the various laws regulating campaign contributions, as well as related activities that involve lobbying, political ethics, conflicts of interest and foreign agent registration.

    Taking the Political Fight to the Courtroom
    Manatt’s litigation and political practices converge when we represent candidates, committees and others accused of violating election and campaign law. Our attorneys represent clients in litigation over the legality of contributions, ballot access and designation, and reapportionment. 

    Sometimes, hotly contested political campaigns end up being decided in the courtroom, not the ballot box. In these instances, we have represented clients in both state and nationwide recounts and election contests.

    Tackling Initiatives and Ballot Measures
    As part of our grass-roots political efforts, Manatt advises committees formed to support—as well as oppose—ballot initiatives and measures. Our attorneys have drafted many of these proposals, analyzed the propriety of initiatives proposed by others, advised committees on contribution and reporting rules, and even helped prepare voter information materials in support of our clients’ positions. We have also brought and defended challenges to local and statewide initiatives.

    Attorneys & Professionals

    Ang, Tina Washington, D.C. 202.585.6567
    Costigan, III, Richard S. Sacramento 916.552.2370
    De la Cruz, Victor Los Angeles 310.312.4305
    Grable, Roger A. Orange County 714.371.2537
    Keen, Randall W. Los Angeles 310.312.4361
    Kieffer, George David Los Angeles 310.312.4146
    LeRoy, Bryan C. Los Angeles 310.312.4191
    Moyer, Craig A. Los Angeles 310.312.4353
    Ray, John L. Washington, D.C. 202.585.6565
    Specht, Lisa Los Angeles 310.312.4298
    Turovsky, Ronald B. Los Angeles 310.312.4249

    Election Law

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