• Construction & Public Works

    When disputes arise between contractors, subcontractors, and public and private owners regarding construction, public works, and infrastructure and transportation projects, Manatt litigators resolve them. We understand the importance of documenting contract modifications and change orders during contract performance, and use our experience to resolve liability in claims involving:

    • Breach of contract
    • Defective design
    • Defective workmanship and equipment
    • Termination for convenience or default
    • Acceleration, delay, disruption, and interference
    • Loss of efficiency
    • Disputes over extended labor/equipment/overhead pricing
    • Differing site conditions 

    Within each setback, there lies opportunity. The release of federal stimulus funds is providing a badly needed jolt to “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects. With the public pushing for investment in innovative transportation solutions, there are big opportunities in lucrative public/private partnerships, provided that a myriad of legal issues are fully addressed.

    Calling upon extensive contacts in the government and real estate sectors, we have been intimately involved in the details of some of the most significant construction projects of the last several years, including hospitals, rail systems, and skyscrapers. Our attorneys can help you make the most of the coming opportunities, as well as help to turn around existing projects that have encountered roadblocks.

    Manatt in Action

    The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS).  PHS needed to build a new home for its animal adoption services; however, the project was at a virtual standstill due to eight lawsuits that were filed by well-funded, neighboring property owners trying to stop the project. Within 14 months of being retained, Manatt attorneys had coordinated the successful defense of those lawsuits, including an appeal, and the sale of the property in question had closed. PHS broke ground on construction of its facility in 2009.

    Union Pacific.  We represented Union Pacific in five related lawsuits involving the proposed reconstruction of a section of the I-880 freeway in Oakland following structural damage from the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. There are three condemnation suits, a quiet title dispute, and a breach of contract dispute.

    Anthony Forest Products.  We are special counsel to Anthony Forest Products in a construction defect action brought by LPC Union Apartments, the developer of a downtown Los Angeles apartment project, against dozens of defendants, including our client. Anthony Forest Products is an Arkansas forest products company that owns approximately 90,000 acres of timberland and sells lumber and engineered wood products.

    Local Historical Trust & Prominent Recording Artist.  We represented a local historical trust and prominent recording artist in a California state court action that we filed against an out-of-state property developer, who had violated a restrictive covenant in its construction of a large commercial complex The case went to mediation and we convinced the defendant property developer to make all nine construction/design changes demanded by the covenant, which we were litigating to enforce.

    Turkish Construction Company.  Our lawyers successfully resolved a criminal investigation on behalf of a Turkish construction company in connection with a very high-profile project—a new park in Manhattan—that the company is building.

    Attorneys & Professionals

    Feinrider, Nancy K. New York 212.830.7194
    Gordon, Michael New York 212.790.4603
    Grodzinski, Ron New York 212.830.7160
    Lee, Barry W. San Francisco 415.291.7450
    Osaki, Keli N. Orange County 714.371.2539
    Polan, Steven M. New York 212.830.7292
    Rochman, Harvey L. Los Angeles 310.312.4104
    Schwenck, Charles E. Los Angeles 310.312.4124

    Construction & Public Works

    Selected Clients

    • AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.
    • Kajima U.S.A., Inc.
    • Lowe Enterprises, Inc.
    • Tetra Tech