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    ManattJones Global Strategies, LLC
    Partner, Government & Regulatory Policy Division



    ManattJones Global Strategies, LLC
    Partner, Government & Regulatory Policy Division

    ManattJones Global Strategies

    M LogoManattJones Global Strategies, LLC, provides strategic business advice to and advocacy for companies operating in, investing in, or exporting to Mexico and Latin America. We help clients identify and take advantage of opportunities and address strategic, political and market access challenges. We also assist non-U.S. companies doing business or investing in the United States.

    With years of experience, we offer unmatched market knowledge, extensive regional experience, and a deep network of relationships with senior business, government, and civic leaders.

    ManattJones works with clients of varying sizes in many industries, ranging from mid-market real estate developers and technology companies to Fortune 500 firms across numerous sectors, including insurance, financial services, energy, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing.

    ManattJones and Mexico

    ManattJones has exceptional strength and experience in Mexico.

    Drawing on the expertise of our team, which includes professionals on the ground in Mexico City, ManattJones is able to provide customized and insight-driven business and advisory services for the Mexican market.

    Our team knows Mexican industry and the leaders in international business and trade. Our network of business and government contacts in Mexico reaches the highest levels, and we regularly work with federal, state and municipal authorities on matters of client concern. We also engage with the American Chamber of Commerce, as well as the United States Embassy in Mexico and the various federal agencies and industry associations involved with trade in both Mexico City and Washington, D.C.

    We have deep experience helping U.S. and other foreign companies doing business in Mexico, whether by helping them establish a physical presence, export directly, or sell through a network of distributors. We have also helped clients resolve a range of problems and challenges, including regulatory issues and a variety of nontariff barriers.

    Our Mexico City office, which has been in place for more than 15 years, is led by Juan Casillas, a seasoned executive who has worked in both Mexico and the United States and has substantial experience in business development, strategic planning and analysis, and government and public affairs.


    Our Chairman, Ambassador James R. Jones, and our President, Michael C. Camuñez, lead our firm. Ambassador Jones is a past United States Ambassador to Mexico, who participated in the negotiation, passage, and implementation of NAFTA. In addition, during the peso crisis, he helped formulate the United States government’s recue package, which prevented bankruptcy of the Mexican government. A former Member of Congress and Chairman of a Fortune 500 company, Ambassador Jones has remained deeply involved in and connected to Mexico since leaving his post as ambassador.

    Mr. Camuñez served as Special Counsel to the President at the White House and, most recently, as Assistant Secretary of Commerce in the International Trade Administration, where he led the Market Access and Compliance Division and was one of the Obama Administration’s top trade officials. While at the Department of Commerce, he managed a global portfolio and was deeply engaged in managing U.S.-Mexico economic and trade relations. He led numerous trade and policy missions to Mexico and was the principal proponent and architect of the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue established by Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto in 2013.

    Areas of Focus

    For Companies Entering the Mexican Market

    Strategy and Planning

    • Provide strategic advice, market insight and intelligence to companies entering, expanding in, or exporting to Mexico and Latin America
    • Provide political and economic risk analysis, cultural know-how, and economic, regulatory and competitive response scenario planning

    Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, and Due Diligence

    • Identify, screen, and monitor potential joint venture partners and strategic alliances as well as potential suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, operators, representatives and third-party service providers

    Project Team Formation

    • Form and manage dedicated project teams of market and industry experts, investors, public relations professionals, government relations specialists and lawyers

    For Companies Already Operating in the Mexican Market

    Government and Stakeholder Relations

    • Manage and direct government relations at the local, state and federal levels
    • Propose and advocate for regulatory frameworks that support our clients' business objectives
    • Monitor and interpret political developments at the federal, state and municipal levels to provide early warning of political, regulatory and other initiatives that could have an impact on our clients' business operations and interests
    • Work with foreign governments and embassies, private sector businesses and associations, international financial institutions, domestic and international media, NGOs and other local and international organizations and stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration and mutual advancement of interests

    Approvals and Licensing

    • Assist with licensing, permitting and regulatory approval of products exported to Mexico
    • Provide representation and advocacy before municipal, state and federal agencies that may be regulators, purchasers, or end users of exported products or that may have a role in approving the use of such products in the Mexican market

    Trade Mission Support

    • Assist U.S. companies that participate in municipal, state and federal trade missions to Mexico with a full suite of services to achieve export and investment success

    For Mexican Companies Investing or Seeking to Do Business in the United States

    Strategic Counseling and Legal Services

    • ManattJones functions as a trusted advisor to Mexican and other foreign companies and investors seeking to do business in the United States
    • Through our parent firm, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, we provide access to a full suite of U.S. legal expertise in cross-border transactions addressing virtually every need a non-U.S. entity may have as it invests or does business in the United States

    United States Government Relations and Regulatory Compliance

    • ManattJones offers clients access to expert assistance in U.S. government relations in Washington, D.C., and other key jurisdictions, including helping to secure regulatory and other approvals

    Working seamlessly with our parent law firm, we are able to access a national network of professionals with deep expertise on a range of regulatory and policy issues

    Attorneys & Professionals

    Camuñez, Michael C. Los Angeles 310.312.4180
    Casillas, Juan ManattJones - México, DF 52.55.5281.8297
    Jones, James R. Washington, D.C. 202.585.6560
    Kalach, Salomon ManattJones - México, DF 525.55.281.8296
    Rudman, Andrew I. Washington, D.C. 202.585.6559
    Sinclair, Michelle Los Angeles 310.231.5618


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    ManattJones periodically publishes newsletters on topics of interest to clients and companies active in Mexico and Latin America. Our most recent newsletters are below.

    ManattJones Global Strategies

    Representative Matters

    ManattJones helps clients create, identify, and exploit new market opportunities and pursue advocacy strategies to facilitate growth. These success stories showcase our collaborative and results-oriented approach in a variety of industries.

    New Market Entry: Helping a Large Manufacturer Go From No Presence to Manufacturing, Selling, and Exporting

    A global truck and automobile manufacturer wanted to “test the market” before initiating manufacturing operations in Mexico. However, Mexican law required vehicles sold in Mexico to be manufactured in Mexico. The manufacturer saw enormous potential but needed to find a way to sell before starting manufacturing.

    ManattJones researched the situation for the client and approached the federal regulatory authorities with a solution: allow the manufacturer to use export credits to import and sell a small number of vehicles to gauge consumer response. The manufacturer would comply with the law and still be able to confirm the potential of the Mexican market.

    The authorities agreed to the ManattJones solution. After a successful market test, the client contracted with ManattJones to help choose a location for its manufacturing facility, and a plant was built in the state of Baja California. The Baja California plant currently employs more than 650 people, sells completed vehicles to the Mexican market, and exports components for assembly in the United States.

    New Market Entry: Helping a Major Insurance Firm Buy a Privatized Insurance Company

    A United States insurance company expressed interest in bidding for a large Mexican insurance company being privatized by the government. ManattJones shared its knowledge of the mechanics of the privatization process, helped position our client as a good corporate citizen, advised on competing bidders, and guided the client to a successful acquisition.

    Afterward, ManattJones assisted the company in establishing a foundation to complement its business activities in Mexico.

    Mexico is now one of the client’s largest and most important international markets.

    Scenario Planning and Strategic Response: Helping an International Mid-Sized Resort Developer Stake a Claim in a High-Growth Tourism Area

    A mid-sized South African resort and gaming property developer identified Mexico as a potential market in order to take advantage of possible change in gaming regulation.

    ManattJones was engaged to evaluate the market entry plan. The regulation shift was not approved but the client was still very interested in Mexico. ManattJones helped the developer reassess its strategy and identified a region and site for a nongaming resort in a less developed tourism area.

    The area that ManattJones and the client targeted has since become a major international tourist destination. Despite not being able to operate a resort with gaming as originally planned, the client now has a strong position in a high-growth tourism area.

    Overcoming Regulatory Delays: Restarting and Successfully Concluding Government Approval Process for Pharmaceutical Company

    After a smooth start, a United States pharmaceutical company found that the process for getting Mexican government approval for two of its key products was stalled. Despite its best efforts, the company was not able to get approval and begin selling in Mexico.

    ManattJones worked with the company to reposition the products in the approval process and guided the company in its interactions with the Mexican Ministry of Health and federal drug regulator, COFEPRIS.

    The approval process resumed, the products were approved for sale in Mexico, and sales have been climbing steadily since.

    Other Successes

    Market Assessment

    ManattJones professionals provided guidance and insight to help:

    • A Brazilian import/export business conduct market analysis and identify potential business partners and suppliers in Brazil and the United States.
    • A new-to-foreign-markets gaming company assess country-specific opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    • An African country develop an investment strategy and implementation plan in several priority industries.
    • Produce a trilateral study of the Brazilian private sector’s interests for trade with India and South Africa.
    • A company complete due diligence on potential business partners in Mexico.
    • A non-U.S. electronic payments company target business niches in the United States and Mexico.


    Skilled in public policy and government, ManattJones professionals helped:

    • A multinational company reduce risks from lack of transparency in judicial proceedings.
    • A company in a highly regulated industry ensure fairness and openness in public procurement processes.
    • A company design a CSR/philanthropy program as a component of a market entry strategy.
    • An acquirer navigate Mexico’s regulatory processes to reduce liability exposure from the acquired company.
    • Governments in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia by assessing and proposing policies for capacity-building, regulatory overhaul, and trade promotion for the services sector.


    Knowledge of global trade patterns, policies, priorities, and regulations allowed ManattJones professionals to help:

    • Establish a new foreign deepwater container port in the Caribbean with preferential recognition from the U.S. government.
    • Develop a textile manufacturer’s strategies to increase its U.S. market access and receive U.S. tariff benefits.
    • Extend a manufacturing management company’s training and partnership program to Mexico.


    ManattJones helped:

    • A major energy company restructure its investment in Guatemala.
    • A major energy company propose a liquefied natural gas (LNG) power facility in Latin America.
    • A major Asia-based global automotive company establish marketing, distribution and manufacturing facilities in Mexico.
    • A U.S. transportation company establish a joint venture in Mexico.
    • A multinational energy company resolve an investment dispute in Lithuania.
    • A biopharmaceutical company launch commercial presences in Latin America, Africa, and Central Europe.
    • A U.S. investment fund identify ethanol investments in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    • Identify investors in and buyers of mobile power generating units in Latin America, Japan and the Philippines.