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    Supporting the Growth of Sustainable Industries

    Global environmental and economic forces are fueling the rapid growth of investments in clean technologies. While the sector is still dominated by uncertainty and change, one thing is for sure—cleantech is no longer just a movement; it’s a significant market.

    Manatt’s Cleantech practice actively advances the interests of both mature and emerging alternative energy companies, project developers and major public companies seeking to be tomorrow’s energy and resource leaders. With deep knowledge of the energy industry—and more important, an understanding of how cleantech technology can be integrated into it—our team provides strategic counsel to clients across a broad range of industry and technology sectors, including:

    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Geothermal
    • Biomass
    • Waste-to-energy
    • Natural gas
    • Clean coal
    • Hydroelectric
    • Carbon sequestration
    • Biofuels
    • Energy efficiency
    • Smart grid planning
    • Green building

    We also represent many of the venture capital firms, private equity firms and investment banks critical to the development and commercialization of these technologies.

    Cleantech ventures often succeed by bringing together different industry and professional sectors. Our practice works the same way, collaborating in interdisciplinary teams to provide more effective counsel. Our dynamic team consists of attorneys with practice concentrations in energy, intellectual property, government affairs, environment, real estate and land use, venture capital, finance and litigation who pool their knowledge and experience to help clients capitalize on clean energy opportunities, including anticipating and minimizing the risks of such ventures.

    Getting Cleantech Projects Off the Ground: Financing and Tax Credits

    Before a cleantech project can pay off, it must be paid for. Our Cleantech practice has a track record of success at make previously impossible projects feasible by identifying capital market investment sources and leveraging government and other incentives.

    Investors are increasingly targeting clean energy projects, and Manatt’s substantial relationships in and experience with the venture capital, private equity and investment banking communities enable have served us well in advising project developers in need of financing. Our financial and venture capital clients include such companies as:

    • Bedrock Capital
    • Draper Fisher Jurvetson
    • Chanin Capital Partners
    • Communications Ventures
    • Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co.
    • Sand Hill Capital
    • Labrador Ventures

    We understand what our investment banking, private equity and venture capital clients look for and how they operate, and we work with them as business partners. In clean energy development transactions, we help them, and can help you, to evaluate the risks and rewards, decide which concerns are most important, and complete transactions to the maximum advantage of everyone involved.

    Our Cleantech team actively monitors the near-term potential for opportunities from international, federal, state and regional programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, working with clients to achieve emissions reduction goals. Because of our broad industry experience, we have the regulatory, tax and economic knowledge to help investors maximize their monetization of revenue streams through the use of:

    • Renewable energy credits
    • Renewable fuel standard credits
    • Emission reduction credits
    • Carbon equivalent credits/carbon credits
    • U.S. emissions reduction credits
    • Tax/nontax incentives

    Helping Shape Cleantech Policy

    Manatt is recognized as one of the nation’s premier firms in government relations and policy development, particularly on issues that are crucial to renewable and clean energy and protection of natural resources and the environment. With more than a dozen former federal, state and local government and regulatory officials in our practice, we understand the intricacies of government agencies and their decision-making processes. That knowledge contributes to our savvy as advocates at legislative committee and administrative hearings, rulemaking and regulatory proceedings, and when lobbying for legislation. Our ability to affect government policies is highly valued in an industry where incentives and mandates play an important role. By helping shape the rules governing clean energy technologies, we’re better able to help our clients act rather than react.

    Attorneys & Professionals

    Allen-Niesen, Keith M. Los Angeles 310.312.4105
    Costantino, Jon Sacramento 916.552.2365
    Davidson, Jeffrey J. Washington, D.C. 202.585.6678
    Dombroski, Matthew A. New York 212.790.4556
    Huard, David L. San Francisco 415.291.7430
    Keen, Randall W. Los Angeles 310.312.4361
    Mannisto, Jeffrey A. Los Angeles 310.312.4212
    McGrath, David Los Angeles 310.312.4147
    Moyer, Craig A. Los Angeles 310.312.4353
    Polentz, Michael Palo Alto 650.251.1440
    Riedel, Adam Washington, D.C. 202.585.6522
    Walsh, James S. Albany 518.431.6717
    Wolff, Ted New York 212.790.4575


    Representative Matters

    Manatt's Cleantech group has represented private equity firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson on numerous deals, including:

    • A preferred stock financing for Array Converter Inc., whose inverterless solar power systems directly refine raw DC electricity produced by solar modules into turbine-quality grid power
    • A Series B preferred stock financing in Greenfuel Technologies Inc. (GTI), which developed a process of growing algae using emissions from fossil fuel, mainly to produce biofuel from algae
    • A Series A preferred stock financing for Pentalum, a developer of wind-sensing technology for control and optimization of wind turbines and wind farms
    • A Series B financing in Kaiima Bio-Agritech, a next-generation seed and breeding technology company
    • The closing of the $350 million Fund X, formed to invest in sectors such as cleantech, IT, mobile and life sciences