CLC seeks budget increase for dependency counsel

Manatt has been providing advocacy and strategic advice for the Children’s Law Center of California. The nonprofit center, which provides court-appointed dependency counsel for abused and neglected children in the foster care system in the counties of Los Angeles and Sacramento, sought Manatt’s help to win additional state budget funding to reduce enormous attorney caseloads. Along with the courts throughout the state, the budget for dependency counsel took big hits during the last decade’s great recession, and the budget for court-appointed counsel had not had an increase in more than seven years. With the addition of Manatt to the team, kids and their attorneys won a first-time $11 million increase and creation of a new line item in the budget that will help protect from cuts in future years. In L.A. County, 20 new attorneys, plus additional investigators and support staff, were hired which has already provided significant caseload relief in the first month of augmented funding.


Children's Law Center of California (CLC)

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