The Battle Over Robin Williams' Estate Begins

Lawyers for Robin Williams' Wife and Kids Meet in Court
– Good Morning America

Good Morning America interviewed Manatt's Andrew Bassak, a partner in the firm's Litigation practice, for a broadcast report on the court battle between Robin Williams' widow and his three children over who will get what of the late actor's estate.

Good Morning America reports that Susan Williams, the late comedian's third wife, filed paperwork this past December to determine who had rights to his things. She asked the court to exclude the contents of their San Francisco area home from what his three children from previous marriages were allowed to have. Legal teams for both parties recently appeared in a San Francisco court to determine Williams' intended distribution. They hope to have the matter resolved by June 1, the date set for the next hearing.

"His intention was to not have this in the courts," said Bassak, who represents the trustees. "As an intensely private person, Mr. Williams wouldn't have wanted this."

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