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    Government Relations

    Aligning Government Policies and Business Strategies
    Relationships matter in both business and government. But they matter even more when they are between business and government. Business leaders know that successful interaction with government is vital to executing their organizations’ strategies and realizing their goals.

    Manatt’s Government Relations practice helps business and government work together. With more than 40 professionals, many with backgrounds in government or politics, located in Washington, D.C., the key state capitals of Sacramento and Albany, and centers of commerce such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Orange County, the team enjoys access to centers of government and media, and has a finger on the pulse of the economy.

    Manatt does more than just open doors. We also provide an opportunity to have an impact on the regulatory and legislative landscape in a rapidly changing marketplace. We are actively involved in the issues that are important to our clients, helping shape the policies, legislation and regulations that affect their interests.

    Making Relationships Work for Our Clients
    While the actions of federal, state and local decision makers regularly impact businesses, we help our clients understand government-related challenges and manage public policy change by anticipating it, creating it and making it work for them. The lawyers, lobbyists and other professionals in our practice are strategic thinkers who help clients grow and leverage sound positions that advance their public policy goals.

    We find unique and often unprecedented solutions by designing advocacy strategies; directing lobbying of elected and appointed officials; and orchestrating coalitions of businesses, labor unions, not-for-profit entities, community-based organizations and other grassroots groups to support lobbying initiatives.

    Our team’s sophisticated political experience and leading-edge legal knowledge allow us to work for our clients in the following ways:

    • Assess key political risk and opportunity factors
    • Engage the interest and support of key federal, state and local officials for clients’ business objectives
    • Secure international, federal, state and local funding for clients’ projects
    • Protect clients against adverse regulation, legislation and policy actions that could negatively impact their businesses
    • Advocate for legislative, regulatory and policy actions that could improve the terms on which clients do business
    • Advise clients regarding anticipated regulatory, legislative and other important emerging developments, and help them assess and respond to the business impacts of these changes
    • Facilitate clients’ pursuit of competitive government contract and financial assistance opportunities, and guide them through the applicable laws and regulations to ensure compliance
    • Safeguard clients’ vital interests in key business concerns, such as land use, environmental compliance, tax policy and employer-employee relationships
    • Establish and maintain strategic partnerships with key public relations professionals, grassroots coalitions, media consultants and community organizations to manage and promote clients’ objectives and organizational effectiveness.

    In the Forefront for Our Clients on the Hill
    The way we see it, we are on the front line for our clients’ interests. We know federal government policies, ever-evolving laws and political realities—and we effectively use this knowledge to advance our clients’ goals.

    Our professionals have represented clients on legislation in every major committee of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and have successfully worked with Republican and Democratic leaders and members in both chambers. We have firsthand experience—as members of Congress; senior staff advisors to senators and congressmen; and counsel to the House and Senate energy committees, Senate Government Affairs Committee and other legislative groups on the Hill. Because our professionals have served on both sides of the aisle, and have maintained strong relationships in Congress and with key players in the Obama administration, our ability to advance our clients’ interests in Washington is unsurpassed.

    Additionally, Manatt has a solid record of success in securing legislation and funding on behalf of clients, including millions of dollars on a wide variety of transportation, water and housing projects, as well as other areas of concern to business and regional interests. Whether addressing a competitive imbalance (such as our work to strengthen the antipiracy laws against trade counterfeiters), securing regulatory relief through legislation, or advocating new programs for expanding transportation and housing infrastructure, we have not only the ears but also the respect of congressional members in both houses and both parties.

    Advocating at the State and Local Levels
    Manatt is one of the few law firms in the country with an extensive government practice dedicated to advocating clients’ positions at the state and local levels. Our team includes professionals who have held or currently hold state and local elective or appointive offices in jurisdictions throughout the United States. We use our extensive contacts to stay on top of proposed laws and regulations in municipalities, counties and states, advising clients of those that could have a direct impact on their businesses and helping present testimony and other position statements that inform and influence the right centers of authority.

    Whether their efforts are legislative, administrative, proactive or remedial, our professionals make sure clients understand how to comply with agency decisions, opinions, rules and regulations, providing the proper focus to help balance federal, state and local obligations. The depth of our services also includes advising on contracting processes, land use and environmental issues.

    Our team often helps clients by participating directly in the legislative process. We regularly work for the passage, modification or defeat of legislation—and not just in our home states of California and New York, but throughout the country by maintaining a network of contacts in all 50 states and partnering with local firms, as needed. We are also intimately involved in all aspects of the municipal and regional governmental processes in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, the District of Columbia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and numerous other regional and local governmental bodies.

    Attorneys & Professionals

    Ang, Tina Washington, D.C. 202.585.6567
    Bocian, Joshua New York 212.790.4537
    Bonham, James J. Washington, D.C. 202.585.6535
    Carney, McKay S. Sacramento 916.552.2335
    Christ, Rose New York 212.790.4634
    Costantino, Jon Sacramento 916.552.2365
    Costigan, III, Richard S. Sacramento 916.552.2370
    De la Cruz, Victor Los Angeles 310.312.4305
    DeHart, June Langston Washington, D.C. 202.585.6510
    Fabry, Anne Saunders Washington, D.C. 202.585.6655
    Fitzgerald, Donald J. San Francisco 415.291.7420
    Grable, Roger A. Orange County 714.371.2537
    Hodjati, Shawn Washington, D.C. 202.585.6536
    Hori, Susan K. Orange County 714.371.2528
    Jones, James R. Washington, D.C. 202.585.6560
    Keen, Randall W. Los Angeles 310.312.4361
    Kieffer, George David Los Angeles 310.312.4146
    LeRoy, Bryan C. Los Angeles 310.312.4191
    Moyer, Craig A. Los Angeles 310.312.4353
    Polan, Steven M. New York 212.830.7292
    Salinas, Che J. Sacramento 916.552.2320
    Schwab, Katie New York 212.790.4532
    Specht, Lisa Los Angeles 310.312.4298
    Ustin, Mark R. Albany 518.431.6795
    Walsh, James S. Albany 518.431.6717
    Yacoubian, Vahe Los Angeles 310.312.4389

    Government Relations

    Representative Matters

    Government Funding Solutions, Infrastructure, and Contracting.  Faced with deep cuts in federal funding, cash-strapped state governments, revenue-challenged regional transportation authorities and worthy-but-constrained not-for-profits regularly look to Manatt for help in getting a piece of the shrinking pie. Our team can help you develop a cost-share arrangement and assist with grant-writing, mount a concerted effort to get your request into the President's budget and line up the necessary votes in Congress, then handle the authorization and appropriation process.

    Tax and International Trade.  Increased competition from low-wage countries and stepped-up scrutiny of corporate tax rates and breaks, have been two areas of growing concern for many U.S. businesses. With Manatt's long-standing ties to the tax-writing House Ways & Means Senate Finance Committees, advocacy on tax, tariff and trade policies has become one of our strong suits. Whether you're a nonprofit fighting to protect your tax-exempt status, a company looking for protection from a specific threat of additional fees or taxes, or an industry association wanting to be heard on renewal of a regional or bilateral trade agreement or a federal tax reform issue, Manatt can help.

    Energy. With a former advisor to the ranking member of the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee, a former spokesman for the Senate Energy Committee and a former chief counsel to the Senate Subcommittee on Energy, Nuclear Proliferation and Government Processes, Manatt is well-versed and positioned to represent the individual or collective interests of energy and natural resources companies on a variety of business, tax, energy and climate issues.

    Financial Services, Banking and Real Estate.  Manatt was founded nearly 50 years ago as counsel to banks and savings and loan associations, and the firm's financial services client roster has since grown to include consumer finance and credit card companies, government pension plans and private investment funds, and other entities involved in the management, investment, transfer and lending of money. Our federal advocacy regularly places us in contact with the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Indeed, we have worked with industry trade associations from congressional debate on Dodd-Frank, the sweeping legislation under which the CFPB was created, through to current CFPB rulemaking.

    Healthcare. Public debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was intense, and our Washington team was right in the thick of it. By way of example, our team helped formulate the strategy and lobby for a major international healthcare company; when the dust settled, we had helped save it $300 million in annual revenues. There are many more ACA battles ahead, and our government affairs team, which is fully integrated with Manatt's nationally recognized healthcare law and consulting practice, understands the complex issues hospitals and healthcare systems face, which will be of great value to our clients seeking have to have their voice heard on the new law's interpretation and implementation.


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