• 11.20.17

    Winds of Change at the DOJ for Corporate Prosecutions?

    On Sept. 14, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein indicated during a Q&A session that “there may be some change to the policy on corporate prosecutions” in the works at the DOJ.

  • 11.20.17

    Spotlight on the False Claims Act—Kickbacks for Opiates Edition

    On Sept. 8, 2017, the DOJ announced that a pharmaceutical company agreed to pay $7.55 million to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by paying doctors kickbacks to prescribe a “highly addictive” opiate-based drug.

  • 11.09.17

    Building Blocs: The Groups That Will Determine the Future of New York’s Elections

    Now that last Tuesday’s election returns have been tabulated, what are the enduring electoral lessons? Let’s explore that question by analyzing the four major contests in New York. First, in New York City, the fulcrum point in the electorate now lies with Latino and Asian voters. Shane ...

  • 11.08.17

    Is the Party Over? The SEC Investigates Cryptocurrency Offerings

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has released an investigative report with important implications for issuers and sponsors of initial coin offerings and token sales that raise funds for cryptocurrency ventures. Prompted by the recent proliferation of such activity, the report concluded ...

  • 11.03.17

    Integrating Hospital, Post-Acute Providers to Optimize Patient Care

    An aging population and shifting reimbursement models are spurring acute care and post-acute care, or PAC, providers to work more collaboratively. As the percentage of older Americans grows and the incidence of chronic disease increases, new models of care that extend outside of hospitals’ ...

  • 11.01.17

    Are the Packaging Wars Coming to California?

    The state of California potentially is embarking on a mandatory comprehensive program to address packaging waste. This is in line with what some other national, regional and local governments are considering for their respective jurisdictions. The European Union, many Canadian provinces, China, ...

  • 11.01.17

    Blockchain Biting Point

    The hype surrounding cryptocurrency—think Bitcoin, Ethereum and an ever-expanding list of niche altcoins—has gone mainstream. As with any new industry, over the past five years there has been a rapid increase in applications for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related patents filed with ...

  • 10.30.17

    CA Tries Some New Affordable Housing Approaches

    Many U.S. cities suffer from a serious lack of affordable housing, forcing lower-income workers into substandard housing and requiring them to drive long distances to get to work, exacerbating already serious traffic and air-quality problems. The Associated Press reports that California alone ...

  • 10.30.17

    Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Class Action Waivers

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in a case that will decide the validity of class or collective action waivers in arbitration agreements and appeared—to no one’s surprise—split on the issue.

  • 10.25.17

    Keep Your Options Open

    When I teach takings litigation to law students (as I have for many years at several different law schools), I always urge them to proceed cautiously when pleading causes of action.