• 08.28.18

    Cloudy With a Chance of Price Gouging

    On July 28, 2018, California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Lake, Mariposa, Mendocino and Napa counties due to the devastating effects of fires in the area.

  • 08.15.18

    Insight: Strategies for Compliance Oversight and Program Integrity in Medicaid Managed Care

    Program integrity and compliance activities are meant to ensure that federal and state taxpayer dollars are spent appropriately on delivering quality, necessary care and preventing fraud, waste and abuse in federal healthcare programs.

  • 08.14.18

    Wave of Pay Equity Regulations Ushers in Greater Transparency

    The Equal Pay Act, which was enacted more than 50 years ago, continues to have a significant impact.

  • 08.07.18

    Poco Loco Rules

    In last year's hit movie "Coco," a young guitar-hero journeys to the land of the dead where he finds things (and performs a ditty titled) un poco loco (a little crazy).

  • 07.25.18

    Takings Talk

    One of the problems with the U.S. Supreme Court's ability to maintain control over constitutional law as it is practiced nationwide is that there is only one Supreme Court and myriad lower courts.

  • 07.12.18

    INSIGHT: A Wave of Statewide Equal Pay Legislation Continues Despite the Trump Administration’s ...

    A wave of new legislation continues to span the country as states ban questions about salary history to help close the gender pay gap.

  • 07.11.18

    Proposed Legislation, Testimony, and Proposed Rulemaking on Robocalls

    Robocalls are a hot topic in Washington, D.C., with new legislation proposed, testimony from the FTC about its efforts to combat the problem and a Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from the FCC having all been released in the past few months.

  • 07.09.18

    Top Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018

    For the past several years, we have been predicting an increase in partnerships between banks and fintech companies. We anticipate this trend will continue, and we expect to see joint ventures and acquisitions accelerate in the second half of 2018.Check out our infographic below to find out more ...

  • 07.01.18

    Telehealth: A New Frontier for Compliance Officers

    As telehealth services become increasingly popular, healthcare providers and health insurers need to keep a careful eye on the unique compliance issues raised by the delivery of these services.

  • 07.01.18

    Top Takeaways From the DC Circuit’s Long-Awaited TCPA Decision

    The old adage “good things come to those who wait” showed itself to be true when on March 16, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit released its hotly anticipated decision in ACA Int’l v. FCC, just shy of 17 months after oral argument.