Does BuzzFeed Have the Right Formula for an IPO?

Sizing Up BuzzFeed: Could This Unicorn Ever Go Public?
– Variety
Variety interviewed Manatt’s Hale Boggs, chair of the firm’s media, technology and advertising practice, for an article on the possibility of BuzzFeed going public.
Variety reports that if BuzzFeed were to go public, it would be met with skepticism among the company’s watchers. For starters, any company daring to dive into public markets faces challenging conditions. However, media companies in particular may find that being in the content business is a knock against them on Wall Street.
“If at the end of the day the market just perceives BuzzFeed as a media company with a new spin, but it’s still just a media company that’s paying for content, frankly I don’t know if that’s a good formula for a successful public company,” said Boggs.

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