Camuñez Testifies Before CA Senate, Urging Enhanced CA-Mexico Cooperation

California Senate's Select Committee California-Mexico Cooperation Hearing
– San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

Michael Camuñez, president and CEO of ManattJones Global Strategies, was invited to testify before the California Senate Select Committee on California-Mexico Cooperation, which held a hearing on May 2 at the Capitol in Sacramento to discuss the state of U.S.-Mexico binational relations in light of American policy under Trump’s administration. A major focus of the hearing was how California benefits from trade with Mexico and what the state can do to enhance relations with Mexico during this difficult political time. The Select Committee, which is chaired by Senator Ben Hueso of San Diego, studies and makes legislative recommendations regarding infrastructure, economic development, social and civic exchanges of mutual benefit, and border-related matters between California and Mexico.

Mr. Camuñez was the lead witness and framed the issues for the hearing related to the importance of Mexico to the long-term economic success of the United States and California. He highlighted the growing prosperity of Mexico’s society and stressed the need to confront the rising ignorance belying current U.S. policy toward Mexico, particularly in regard to the construction of a proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Camuñez testified that, despite the negative connotations many Americans have associated with Mexico, its status as a manufacturing powerhouse with a workforce dominated by some of the best engineers in the world led many investors in a recent Bloomberg survey to select Mexico as the most attractive emerging market globally. Mexico is also California’s top export market, resulting in the creation of more than five million jobs for Americans who work in industries that produce these goods and services.

Camuñez also discussed the importance of maintaining positive relations with Mexico for purposes of ensuring the security of the United States. We are fortunate, he stated, to have an ally with such deeply shared values and national security ties ranging from counter-narcotics to counter-terrorism. Camuñez urged the state to continue the support of California’s trade and commercial endeavors in Mexico, including the establishment of appropriate representational offices in Mexico and continued support for the construction of needed border infrastructure, and called for political leadership at all levels to sustain a better and stronger relationship.

A written copy of his remarks can be found here.

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