Implications of Oklahoma’s Failed 1332 Waiver

Trump Administration Misses Deadline to Approve Oklahoma’s ACA Waiver
– Becker’s Hospital Review

Manatt’s Joel Ario, a managing director with Manatt Health, was quoted by Becker’s Hospital Review on the implications of Oklahoma’s failed 1332 waiver.
According to the publication, these waivers allow states to opt out of specific Affordable Care Act requirements to implement different health coverage models; if accepted, Oklahoma’s waiver would have reduced insurance premiums by 30 percent and aided more than 130,000 individuals.
Ario told the publication that the decision to not approve Oklahoma’s waiver by the deadline “potentially chills state action because people read and see that Oklahoma had been promised an action and they didn’t get it. It raises questions about what will happen in other states that put in the same kind of effort” to receive the waiver.

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