Is This the End of Chinese Investment in Hollywood?

Hollywood’s China Money Heartbreak: Is the Love Affair Really Over?
– The Hollywood Reporter

Manatt’s Lindsay Conner, co-chair of the firm’s entertainment and media practice and head of the film, television and digital content group, was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter on the future of Chinese investments in Hollywood.

According to the publication, the North American box office is down three percent this year and is reliant on Chinese capital to get movies made and profits climbing. However, economic and political shifts in Washington and Beijing could create regulatory changes that would sink, or temporarily halt, U.S.-China media deals.

Conner cautioned that large investments in Hollywood by Chinese companies outside the entertainment field could be over. “The Chinese government will continue to be skeptical of non-entertainment companies in China throwing money into entertainment investments,” he said. “They are concerned that it is motivated in part by a desire to get money out of China.”

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