L.A. Tech Scene Is Changing–And Not by Accident

Hale Boggs on Digital, VC and Ideas
– Your Startup Advisors

Manatt’s Hale Boggs, chair of the firm’s media, technology and advertising practice, spoke with John Klymshyn, host of the Your Startup Advisors podcast, for an interview about the digital startup scene in Los Angeles.
When asked about the Southern California tech scene and whether it has changed, Boggs responded:
“Yes, I think it has changed and continues to change. I think for a long period of time, the attitude among Silicon Valley investors, and frankly anyone who is in Silicon Valley or other parts of the country where this technology business resides, they think of L.A. as being a lifestyle place, a place where people like to be because of other things: the entertainment industry, the weather, or whatever it is. So then the corollary is that they’re not serious about building really great businesses in the tech space there, and that’s just not true anymore. In some ways, I don’t think it was ever true, but I’d say that the last several years has completely disproved that theory. It’s not by accident we’ve had these big companies emerge – the Snapchats, the TrueCars and all these other guys – that’s a Southern California-based type of tech business.”

Listen to the podcast here.