MX’s Bargaining Chips Include U.S. Security, Economic Stability

NAFTA Is Not the Worst Deal Ever

MSNBC interviewed Manatt’s Ambassador James Jones, chair of ManattJones Global Strategies, for a segment on the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in light of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's upcoming visit to Mexico. Tillerson’s visit comes at a tumultuous time in the United States’ relationship with Mexico, as the new administration has been extremely critical of NAFTA.

When asked what Mexico’s bargaining chip would be in renegotiating NAFTA, Jones replied:

“If it really got to be a nasty situation, Mexico’s bargaining chip would be a couple of things. First of all, security: Mexico has been our prime partner in limiting those people who want to come into this country and do us harm. . . Number two is economic: we have such an integrated economy now with Canada, Mexico and the United States that if we disrupt that, it’s going to be a huge disruption to the United States economy.”

Watch the full interview here.