Music Business Buttons Up as Harvey Weinstein Falls

As Harvey Weinstein Falls, the Music Business Buttons Up Corporate Policies
– Billboard

Manatt’s Charles Biederman, co-chair of the firm’s music practice, spoke with Billboard about the music industry’s corporate policies in light of recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

While allegations against Weinstein and other powerful figures in Hollywood continue to come forward, the publication notes that none have since surfaced against the music business. Music labels say their current policies are intended to prevent workplace discrimination and to handle it swiftly if it does occur.

“Most big companies have really good policies already,” Biederman explained. “The policies are only as good as the people who are maintaining and working with them. If you have a policy, it’s very important that you actually follow it…If they’re administered properly, they really become litigation insurance.”

Biederman also emphasized the importance of not only having rules in place, but of creating a safe atmosphere for victims of alleged abuse to come forward.

“You need the young people in question—normally women, but not exclusively—to have the courage to say, ‘I’m not going to sell myself for this career,’ and then have systems so that people feel comfortable enough that they will come forward,” said Biederman. “It’s the company’s responsibility that someone feels like he or she can say, ‘Hey, this happened and it’s wrong.’”

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