Top Trump Deputies Plan Message for Visit to MX

Pulse of America

NBC interviewed Manatt’s Ambassador James Jones, chair of ManattJones Global Strategies, for a segment on U.S.-Mexico relations ahead of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Mexico. When asked what he thinks their message to the country should be, Jones replied:

“The message I would like to hear [Secretary Kelly and Secretary Tillerson] say is that we are partners. We’ve developed a partnership commercially, a partnership in security issues and a partnership in fighting crime and drugs, and we want to continue that partnership. At the same time, we want them to know that we have to protect our borders, and we’re going to do that in the most efficient and effective way possible. I think that kind of a message will resonate very well, and we can continue the positive relationship we have.”

Watch the full interview here.