Digital Entertainment Companies Find New Way to Bring in Profit

‘Skinning the Cat 30 Ways’: How Digital Entertainment Companies Are Making New Money From Old Videos
– Digiday

Manatt’s Eunice Shin, managing director of Manatt Digital, was interviewed by Digiday for an article on digital entertainment companies’ recycling of old media.

In taking older, user-generated videos and licensing them for use, several companies have found new ways to turn a profit, the publication noted. This not only provides social media platforms with video libraries, but also provides companies with greater opportunities for distribution.

“The reality is they have to do something with [their content]. Maybe the market has matured enough where those hours of programming exist, and they’re trying to figure out that either it’s going to sit there and only monetize off YouTube for pennies or figure out a way to put it into a channel,” said Shin.

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