How LBE Deals Will Impact Virtual Reality Adoption

Why 2018 Will Be a Launching Point for the Mass Consumer Adoption of VR
– VideoInk

Manatt’s Eunice Shin, managing director of Manatt Digital, was interviewed by VideoInk for an article that examines why 2018 will see mass consumer adoption of virtual reality.

Shin told the publication that multimillion-dollar, location-based virtual reality deals, like the one between Nickelodeon and Dreamscape, are posited to benefit not only location-based setups but also VR itself.

“The opening of numerous location-based experiences across the globe in 2018 will benefit the entire industry. The opportunity around LBEs is exciting for the industry because we are seeing monetization TODAY. The market is open and LBEs are acquiring content,” explained Shin. “This is great for immersive content creators and other industries—such as real estate developers/management—who are trying to fill empty retail space at malls, build new attractions at city centers and even construct theme parks.”