Tennessee Could Expand Medicaid Without Increasing State Costs

As other Republican states pass Medicaid expansion, a question remains: Why not Tennessee?
– Nashville Tennessean

Manatt’s April Grady, a director with Manatt Health, was interviewed by the Nashville Tennessean for an article on the potential for Medicaid expansion in Tennessee.

The publication noted that roughly 300,000 uninsured adults in Tennessee could be covered under TennCare, the state’s Medicaid program. While federal funding for Medicaid expansion began at 100 percent, it still pays for at least 9 percent of the service costs for those covered under expansion programs.

Grady explained that while 10 percent of the cost can still be substantial for states, others have found ways to cover expansion—sometimes in its entirety.

“You’d be able to do expansion without using any new state money,” she explained.

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