The Results of the FBI Investigation Into Ford’s Allegations

Did FBI Interview Enough Witnesses in the Kavanaugh Probe?
– Fox News

Manatt’s Gregg Nunziata, a partner in the firm’s government and regulatory practice, was interviewed on Fox News about the contents of the FBI report on Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In the segment, Nunziata was asked whether the FBI interviewed enough people for the report to be comprehensive, and whether he thought the report should go public.

“It might be helpful, frankly, to show the American people what was in there,” said Nunziata. “We have to assume the FBI would have talked to at least a hundred people, multiple times, over six investigations, and the Senate made a decision about Judge Kavanaugh based on that record, which I suspect was quite blowing."

Watch the interview here.