Manatt Health Report Points to Potential Hurdles for Healthy Michigan Plan

Report: Work Requirements Could Cause Up to 183,000 Healthy Michigan Recipients to Lose Coverage
– Lansing State Journal

April Grady, a director with Manatt Health, spoke to the Lansing State Journal for an article about Manatt’s recently released report on the Healthy Michigan Plan.

According to Manatt Health’s white paper, “Potential Enrollment Impacts of Michigan’s Medicaid Work Requirement,” between 61,000 and 183,000 people—between 9 and 27 percent of recipients—covered by the plan could lose coverage by 2020 when the plan’s work requirements take effect. A House Fiscal Agency analysis had previously predicted that enrollment would drop between 4 and 8 percent.

According to the team’s estimates, there could be real health impacts for individuals who suddenly find themselves without medical coverage, as seen in Arkansas.

“There are some really clear examples from Arkansas of people who are delaying care,” Grady said. “People are putting off filling medications and doing things that are not good for their health.”

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