• 09.21.17

    More Obama-Era Policies—Pay Data Collection, Overtime Rule—Fall

    Continuing the rollback of Obama-era policies, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hit pause on the collection of Employer Information Report (EEO-1) pay data and the battle over the Department of Labor’s (DOL) white collar overtime exemption rule came to an end.

  • 09.21.17

    Break Me Off a Piece of That Infringement Lawsuit

    Did Nestle’s recent advertising campaign for Kit Kat infringe the intellectual property rights of Atari?

  • 09.21.17

    California Court Tosses Challenge to Gap Outlet Labels

    In a victory for outlet retailers, a California appellate panel recently tossed out a deceptive marketing and advertising suit against Gap.

  • 09.21.17

    Footlong Litigation to Continue, Despite Settlement Dismissal

    The saga over Subway’s “footlong” sandwiches will continue, a group of former plaintiffs vowed in a court filing after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit threw out a settlement agreement between the parties.

  • 09.21.17

    FTC’s ‘Stick with Security’ Series Carries On

    Continuing with its “Stick with Security” series of blog posts for businesses, the Federal Trade Commission worked its way through several more items found in the “Start with Security” guidance.

  • 09.19.17

    Proposed Legislation May Afford Broader Use of Regulation A

    Earlier this month, the House of Representatives approved in a landslide vote the Improving Access to Capital Act (HR 2864), which would extend the use of Regulation A, an exemption from registration under the Securities Act, to public companies.

  • 09.18.17

    Boycott Claims Dismissed for Applying Per Se Standard

    In 2012, MCEP, a 26-bed adult acute care hospital, sued Premier, a not-for-profit corporation formed by a Joint Operating Agreement among Atrium Health System, Catholic Health Initiatives, MedAmerica Health Systems Corporation, Samaritan Health Partners and UVMC. MCEP alleged that the defendants ...

  • 09.18.17

    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC—Update: Conditions for CDEEE-Related PPAs for Renewables

    In our August 1, 2017 Cross Border Transactions Newsletter we informed about the announcement made by the Corporación Dominicana de Empresas Eléctricas Estatales (CDEEE) regarding several new conditions included in the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for wind and solar photovoltaic projects that ...

  • 09.18.17

    REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA—Actualización: Condiciones para los PPAs de Energías Renovables de CDEEE

    En nuestro artículo de fecha 1 de Agosto de 2017, informamos acerca del anuncio hecho por la Corporación Dominicana de Empresas Eléctricas Estatales (CDEEE) respecto de varias condiciones que habrían sido incluidas en los Contratos de Compraventa de Energía (PPAs) para proyectos eólicos y solares ...

  • 09.18.17

    Using Telehealth as a Tool for Health System Integration

    As discussed in our August Health Update article on patient engagement and digital health—the first in our new digital health series—the advent of digital and telehealth technologies is rapidly changing the way patients interface with health systems.