Healthcare Without Borders: The Opportunities and Challenges of Medical Tourism

Once considered a fringe option, medical tourism has gained mainstream acceptance. According to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 750,000 Americans a year travel abroad for healthcare. Projections for the next decade call for U.S. residents to spend more than $300 billion in foreign care, up from less than $2 billion in 2005.


With the globalization of healthcare, people are increasingly open to looking beyond their backyards for effective and affordable care. What are the benefits—and the risks—for employers, payers, providers and patients? Which trends in U.S. healthcare are driving the desire to seek foreign alternatives? How does medical tourism work—and what are the legal issues to consider? Manatt provided the answers in a new, educational webinar for Bloomberg BNA, "Healthcare Without Borders: The Opportunities and Challenges of Medical Tourism."

The webinar explored medical tourism from four critical perspectives—financial, clinical, regulatory and consumer readiness.

Additional Presenters:
Linda Tiano
Hector Montes Rabell, Director General, Hospitales H+