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  • Duran_Robert_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Robert Duran

    Partner, Tax, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

    International tax attorney assists clients with cross-border transactions and related business matters.

  • Boggs_Doug_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Douglas C. Boggs

    Partner, Corporate and Finance

    High-profile transactional attorney presents clients with diverse corporate law experience.

  • Robinson_Sandy-New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Sandy W. Robinson

    Managing Director, Manatt Health

    Healthcare leader offers clients unique perspectives on patient access in a complex marketplace.

  • Noskow_Alan_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Alan M. Noskow

    Partner, Corporate and Finance

    High-profile transactional attorney presents clients with diverse corporate law experience.

  • Nattarelli_Brett_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Brett J. Natarelli

    Partner, Consumer Financial Services

    Accomplished litigator in consumer finance law helps clients succeed in a changing compliance environment.

  • Gottlieb_Richard_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730_1

    Richard E. Gottlieb

    Partner, Consumer Financial Services

    Acclaimed consumer finance lawyer offers clients a powerful go-to advocate.

  • Korn_Brian_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Brian S. Korn

    Partner, Capital Markets

    Seasoned capital markets and crowdfunding advisor delivers IPO and financing experience.

  • Donner_Irah_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730_1

    Irah H. Donner

    Partner, Intellectual Property

    Lauded patent lawyer offers clients insider understanding on information technology claims.

  • Brooks-LaSure_Chiquita_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Chiquita Brooks-LaSure

    Managing Director, Manatt Health

    Respected national healthcare policy leader presents clients with confident decision-making insight on reform issues.

  • El-Gamal_Yasser_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Yasser M. El-Gamal

    Partner, Intellectual Property

    Widely recognized intellectual property attorney counsels clients on patent, trademark, trade secret and copyright matters.

  • Lawson_Richard_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Richard P. Lawson

    Partner, Consumer Protection

    Veteran consumer protection champion offers regulatory enforcement skills.

  • Boomstein_Anita_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Anita L. Boomstein

    Partner, Global Payments

    Nationally known global payments counselor guides clients through the complex world of payments.

  • Massoumi_Mandana_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Mandana Massoumi

    Partner, Employment and Labor

    Acclaimed employment law authority assists clients with class actions and other complex litigation.

  • Brown_Kathleen_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730-04202016

    Kathleen L. Brown

    Partner, Government and Regulatory

    Experienced counselor advises companies on the challenges and opportunities in healthcare, energy, real estate and financial services.

  • Kelly_Deborah_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Deborah P. Kelly

    Partner, Employment and Labor

    Seasoned labor attorney presents employers across many industries with best practice guidance in difficult HR cases.

  • Reilly_Christine_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Christine M. Reilly

    Partner, TCPA Compliance and Class Action Defense

    Respected litigator brings extensive consumer class action and regulatory defense experience to Manatt.

  • Wee_Sean_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    H.H. Sean Wee

    Partner, Corporate and Finance

    Seasoned M&A attorney advises on corporate transactions and fairness opinions.

  • Mikulka_Yuri_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Yuri Mikulka

    Partner, Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property rights trial lawyer helps clients protect creative and brand assets.

  • Fox_Beth_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Beth A. Fox

    Partner, Energy

    Accomplished energy sector leader offers clients insight on energy procurement and management.

  • Bhoumik_Arun_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730_1

    Arunabha Bhoumik

    Partner, Corporate Investigations and White Collar Defense

    Former federal prosecutor focuses on corporate defense, investigations and criminal and civil litigation in federal and state courts.

  • Christensen_Megan_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Megan A. Christensen

    Partner, Tax, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

    Seasoned tax and nonprofit attorney provides a wide array of tax-focused counsel.

  • Marshack_Adrianne_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730_2

    Adrianne Marshack

    Partner, Class Actions

    Seasoned litigator presents clients with demonstrated commercial and employment law counsel.

  • Thorpe_Jill_New-Bio-Template-730-x-730

    Jill DeGraff

    Partner, Manatt Health

    Accomplished attorney advises healthcare technology innovators on best business practices.