Associated Press Quotes Manatt Professional on Illinois’ Benchmark Health Plan

Associated Press Quotes Manatt Professional on Illinois' Benchmark Health Plan

"Illinois Sets Benchmark for Health Coverage"
Associated Press

September 28, 2012 - The Associated Press quoted Manatt's Ian Spatz, a senior advisor in the firm's Healthcare Division, on Illinois' recent approval of a Blue Cross Blue Shield's Blue Advantage policy to serve as the state's essential health benefits plan under the Affordable Care Act.

As reported by the Associated Press, Illinois officials chose a relatively lean small-group policy as the benchmark plan for essential health benefits in the state. The benchmark plan will determine the cost of future premiums and how broad coverage will be. It acts as a minimum standard for the type of medical services that must be covered in plans to individuals and small businesses.

"For most people, it does not matter. The truth is the health issues that most people have or will have are covered by most any plan that might have been a benchmark plan," said Spatz.

But, Spatz added that what Illinois is doing is important, because it's informing the insurers in the state what they need to begin designing before plans are offered in 2014.

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