Manatt Entertainment Partner Offers Tips to New Artists Hoping to Succeed in the Music Industry

Tips for Making a Living as Band in Today's Digital Music World
– USA Herald

Manatt's Jordan Bromley, a partner in the firm's Entertainment & Media Practice, spoke to USA Herald on how new music artists can be successful in today's digital age.

USA Herald reports that the music market is thriving on a digital platform today, making it all about music placements, licensing and attaching your name to notable brands. Bromley's advice to artists hoping to monetize their craft in this ever-changing environment is to keep a day job, count every penny, be cautious about monetizing fans, and release music consistently. He also recommends artists tour where they will earn money and drop the "rock star stereotype."

Bromley told the publication that it's important for new artists to maintain an additional source of income so as to make smart career decisions. He said, "What I've seen with new artists is for about the first year to eighteen months, they will be like, 'We're going to headline Madison Square Garden. This is going to be amazing…And, then, eighteen months go by and a sense of desperation starts to set in." Advancing in a music career requires making calculated decisions, not all of which come with immediate financial rewards.



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