Forbes Interviews Manatt Division Chair on EPA's Proposed Coal-Killing Rules

Obama EPA Issues Coal-Killing Rules to Cut Carbon Emissions 30 Percent
– Forbes

Forbes interviewed Manatt's Craig Moyer, chair of the firm's Land, Environment and Natural Resources division, for an article about the EPA's release of a long-anticipated rule proposal that seeks to reduce America's carbon dioxide emissions 30% by 2030.

As reported by Forbes, the primary mechanism for the reduction will be tough emissions limits on coal-fired power plants. However, the rules are unlikely to kill coal, due to the amount that America uses. Eliminating coal without replacing it would lead to blackouts during times of peak demand, and there's reason to believe that now is actually the time to buy coal.

Moyer told Forbes that the proposed rules could end up being a boon to Native American tribes that own large coal-fired power plants situated on tribal lands that are outside the jurisdiction of the EPA.

"I don't see a proliferation of new coal plants on Tribal lands, but those located and operating in Indian country now can be expected to live a full and long life, perhaps with expansions and extensions," said Moyer.

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