Manatt Division Chair Interviewed on Coal Export Battle in Oregon

Pacific Northwest Projects Would Dwarf KXL Emissions - Report
– E&E News

Manatt's Craig Moyer, chair of the firm's Land, Environment and Natural Resources division, was interviewed by E&E News for an article on the debate over energy-related projects in the Pacific Northwest.

E&E News reports that coal export opponents won a significant victory last month when the Oregon Department of State Lands said the impacts of a proposed terminal there would be too damaging to the environment. Pro-export interests recently announced their plans to fight back, with appeals from Ambre Energy Ltd., the company wanting to develop export facilities; Wyoming, the nation's top coal-producing state; and the Port of Morrow, which would house the new terminal facilities.

"I think [the projects] can be designed to pass legal muster," said Moyer.

"The question is whether they can pass political and survive the challenges and hurdles that will be thrown at them by the opposition," said Moyer, who has participated in major projects including the Navajo Nation's recent purchase of a coal mine.

Moyer added, "I think the most interesting element to me was the willingness of the Port of Morrow to join on. If it's just the project proponent on its own, that is a heavier lift."



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