Law360 Quotes Manatt Partner on Snapchat, Dropbox Data Breach

It Wasn't Me' Defense Holds Promise For Snapchat, Dropbox
– Law360

Law360 quoted Manatt's Donna Wilson, a partner in the firm's Litigation division, for an article on how Snapchat and Dropbox have responded to purported user-data thefts.

Law360 reports that Snapchat and Dropbox claim the compromised information was lifted from unaffiliated third parties and not their own servers. Privacy lawyers told the publication that this defense is likely to protect the companies in breach litigation, as long as they have robust internal security controls and no connection to the third parties.

"We may be beginning to see more of a new flavor of breaches, that center less on how companies handled user data and more on the fact that consumers need to practice good data security hygiene and companies can only do so much," said Wilson.

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