Legal Battle Spotlights Abuse in Music Industry

Free Kesha: Sex Abuse and the Music Industry
– The Telegraph

U.K. publication The Telegraph quoted Manatt's Gary Gilbert, co-chair of the firm's Entertainment and Media practice, and partner Jordan Bromley in an article about the ongoing legal battle between pop star Kesha and her producer, Dr Luke.

Bromley said that allegations of sexual abuse in the industry are rare. "Lines can get blurred: any sort of creative collaboration blossoms into a partnership that sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails. I would think our industry sees that more often based on the creativity that's prevalent in making music - it's very personal, very intimate and there are a lot of long hours and late nights," he said.

Gilbert explained that the recent media attention surrounding Bill Cosby may have "encouraged women to come out who maybe otherwise wouldn't have, and that may be a difference today. It could very well be that this went on years ago and wasn't reported. I think certain people don't want to tell me things because they're embarrassed, so things probably go on that I'm not told," he said.

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