• 02.17.16

    Navigating Native: A Checklist of Compliance Steps for Ensuring Proper Disclosures for Native Ads

    At its root, native advertising was designed to be the solution to a problem that had plagued content platforms and brands looking to advertise online—consumers would click on traditional online ads, such as banners, only by accident. Thus, to increase the likelihood that consumers will ...

  • 02.15.16

    ACA Tax Reporting: Lessons From 5 Successful Marketplaces

    In tax year 2014, health insurance marketplaces faced the new requirement of reporting information about qualified health plan enrollment to enrollees through Form 1095-A. While there was significant concern that the marketplaces would fail to meet this new obligation, the 14 states and the ...

  • 02.12.16

    Real Estate Deals Could Be Shaky Ground For Nonprofits

    Special considerations come into play when nonprofit organizations want or need to engage in real estate transactions. With very few exceptions, nonprofits have a focus on something entirely unrelated to real property - real estate transactional dealings are quite foreign to the purpose and ...

  • 02.12.16

    Top 5 Legal Considerations for Fintech Advertising

    The growth and expansion of fintech service providers nationally and internationally over the last five years is reshaping the financial landscape. This evolution includes differentiation in how financial products are delivered and who is providing those financial products. Critical to the success ...

  • 02.07.16

    Stupor Sunday: Concussion News Starts to Compete With the Game

    The Super Bowl dominates the media like no other event. But when a Super Bowl winning quarterback is voted into the Hall of Fame the day before the big game and just several days after it was revealed that he had CTE, the equation starts to change.It's not that football-related concussions are ...

  • 02.01.16

    The Grand Bargain: Congress Approves U.S. Crude Oil Export

    On December 18, President Obama signed into law H.R. 2029, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, otherwise known as the Omnibus Appropriations bill. This $1.15 trillion measure funded the Federal Government though Fiscal Year 2016, and also contained the Tax Extenders bill. Included in this ...

  • 01.30.16

    Concussions Rise 58%...And NFL Pats Itself on the Back

    Super Bowl Festivities are in full swing in San Francisco, as indicated by no less than seven major articles in the sports section of today's San Francisco Chronicle. Tucked away on page 5 of that section are a number of items headed "NFL Notes," the second of which, in small print, is ...

  • 01.28.16

    Scorecard: 2015 Digital Media Predictions

    Last year on TechCrunch, I made eight predictions about digital media. This post compares those predictions to the reality that is digital media in 2015.Prediction 1: The mobile-driven, premium, short-form video economy "grows up," and traditional media companies finally take notice on a mass ...

  • 01.27.16

    NCAA Delay in Lessening Athletes' Workload Turns Amateurism on Its Head

    At its convention earlier this month, the National Collegiate Athletic Association delayed, for at least a year, action on a proposal that would give so-called student-athletes some, but not much, time off. The proposals were modest, including a break for two weeks after the end of a season, a ...

  • 01.20.16

    Big Picture-What Could We See in 2016?

    Despite the year-end Fed announcement, the current spirit of the real estate market seems generally positive, or as put by one senior capital markets executive: "We've learned some lessons [about gauging risks] in the not-too-distant past." Industry experts add that the short-term effects of ...



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