• 04.29.19

    Impeachment Is Not the Only Way

    “The framing of the public debate among House Democrats suggests that only craven political considerations would block an immediate move to impeach President Donald Trump. But there is a more principled rationale for not leaping to impeachment.”  

  • 04.17.19

    Missed Opportunity to Align State and Federal Takings Law

    “It is truly a shame to see the California Supreme Court walk right up to the edge of aligning state and federal constitutional law -- and then back away. Yet the court recently did just that.”  

  • 04.16.19

    Work Requirements Litigation

    Michael Kolber and Deborah Bachrach, partners in Manatt Health, wrote for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health and Value Strategies program on a recent Medicaid work requirement ruling in Kentucky and what it could mean for other states considering similar programs.

  • 04.09.19

    Insight: Supreme Court’s Lorenzo Ruling—Questions Remain on Interpretation

    “The U.S. Supreme Court handed the Securities and Exchange Commission a big win on March 27 in Lorenzo v. SEC, by expanding liability for securities fraud cases based on misstatements and omissions.“In Lorenzo, the court significantly broadened the reach of the SEC’s anti-fraud ...

  • 04.04.19

    FCA Cases: Convincing DOJ to Move to Dismiss

    By: Jacqueline C. Wolff“During the nomination hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 15th, then United States Attorney General nominee William Barr backpedaled on earlier statements he had made about the False Claims Act being ‘an abomination.’ Instead he ...

  • 03.27.19

    Copyright: Supreme Court Limits ‘Full Costs’ Award

    In Rimini Street Inc. et al. v. Oracle USA Inc.,1 the Supreme Court held the Copyright Act, which gives federal district courts discretion to award “full costs” to a party in a copyright litigation, does not authorize awards of litigation expenses beyond the six categories of costs ...

  • 03.18.19

    Song-Beverly Credit Card Act: Litigation Developments and Guidance for Retailers Collecting ...

    “Retailers who regularly engage in credit card transactions in California should be aware of collection practices that may increase the risk of litigation under the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act. Recent case law provides valuable guidance for retailers seeking to collect customer PII while ...

  • 03.12.19

    The Music Modernization Act: A Songwriter's Guide to What Matters Next

    “The Music Modernization Act passed last October with much fanfare and excitement. But now, after the party, we are all looking at what that means, exactly. Here are a few areas to keep in mind as we move forward.”

  • 03.11.19

    Mortgage Industry in Flux: Fewer Regulatory Headwinds, but Technology and Higher Interest Rates ...

    “We are experienced mortgage lawyers, not economists. But we can see the writing on the wall for our many mortgage industry clients, and it is not always pretty.The era of burdensome new regulation may be over, but tougher laws, rising interest rates and new technologies, such as ...

  • 03.06.19

    Invisible Justice

    “The ordinary appellate path is well-worn: First comes paper pushing (i.e., filing the notice of appeal, record designations, and otherwise ‘perfecting’ the appeal), followed by paper production (i.e., brief writing), then oral argument, and finally the big payoff, the written ...



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