• 08.27.15

    It's Your Copyright. Don't Apologize for Defending It

    We live in a world where many share the belief that content is 'free,' while rampant piracy has been significantly curtailed by new legitimate services and business models (like subscription streaming). But, it just ain't so.One of the biggest and pervasive myths is that piracy is actually ...

  • 08.19.15

    It's OK to Stay Bullish on MCNs

    Multichannel networks have been getting a bad rap this past week as a result of a Recode report that Maker Studios' earn-out from its M&A megadeal with Disney might be less than half the maximum $450 million, which would still give Maker execs and investors a nice little $700 million-plus ...

  • 08.19.15

    Guarding Against Bribery When Conducting Clinical Trials Overseas

    Clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical and medical device companies are generally intended to obtain data to support applications to the FDA for the approval of new drugs or devices or the approval of new indications or uses for currently marketed drugs or devices. In an effort to cut down ...

  • 08.17.15

    Will NYSDEC's Audit Agreement for Retail Pharmacies Provide a Path to Increased Compliance?

    Federal and state hazardous waste handling and disposal requirements, which were established to address issues related to industrial waste generators and disposal facilities, are often a complicated and awkward fit for retail pharmacies and other "healthcare facilities." Over the past few ...

  • 08.05.15

    Can Cooperation Expose a Company to a Defamation Claim?

    When faced with allegations of wrongdoing, companies and their outside counsel generally will conduct their own investigation and report their findings to the government. In the past, such a presentation of the facts and evidence tended to be viewed as cooperation, but the government now expects ...

  • 07.29.15

    FIFA Avoids Concussions - For Now

    Amid its well-publicized legal woes, the Federation Internationale De Football Association recently dodged a legal bullet when, on July 16, 2015, it was dismissed with prejudice from a lawsuit, involving safety issues surrounding concussions in soccer, filed in federal court in the Northern ...

  • 07.28.15

    Medicaid's New Role in the Healthcare System

    Over the past 50 years, Medicaid has evolved from an adjunct to state welfare programs to the nation’s largest health insurer. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) affirmed Medicaid’s insurance credentials as one of three “insurance affordability programs”—along with ...

  • 07.22.15

    The Next Big Concussion Case

    The National Football League, the National Hockey League and the NCAA have been sued by classes composed of thousands of players who have suffered the effects of concussions. For at least three reasons, however, those lawsuits pale in comparison with a lawsuit on behalf of the millions of ...

  • 07.16.15

    Video Companies to Watch at Bertelsmann Media Summit

    Yesterday, I joined the VideoInk team in NYC for the Bertelsmann Media Summit 2015, a showcase for promising digital media-focused companies organized by German media-backed venture capital firm Bertelsman Digital Media Investments (BDMI). BDMI has invested in a powerful portfolio of leading ...

  • 07.13.15

    Is Digital Video Business Meeting Expectations in 2015?

    Back in January, VideoInk posted my 5 Predictions for Digital Video in 2015. In the little more than six months since then, there have been significant developments and disruptions in the digital media eco-system, capped off by last week's announcement that German media giant ProSiebenSat.1 ...



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