• 09.24.17

    Are the Politics of Climate Change Finally Reaching a Turning Point?

    When Hurricane Harvey swept through South Texas last month, it inundated Houston and the surrounding coastline, displaced thousands, flattened homes and killed scores of residents. President Donald Trump tweeted about the “HISTORIC rainfall in Houston” and the ...

  • 08.01.17

    The Brooklyn DA Race and the Weight of Ken Thompson's Legacy

    The most intriguing and consequential primary in New York City this year will be the Democratic race for district attorney in Brooklyn. This primary will almost inevitably become a referendum on the reform measures put in place by the late Ken Thompson, who passed away last year.   In 2013, ...

  • 07.06.17

    Now Is Not the Time for Democrats to Bail on Nancy Pelosi

    U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-Garden City) has boldly called for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) to step down as House minority leader, tweeting, "It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go."   Rice was quoted in The New York Times on the GOP playbook of attacking Pelosi, "Is it ...

  • 06.11.17

    Class Warfare: Higher Education Is About to Become the Next Political Battlefield

    For decades, both nationally and here in New York, elected officials focused on higher education policies when they were thinking about their legacies, from former President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Higher Education Act to a grant program championed by U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell. But in terms of ...

  • 05.18.17

    Upcoming Special Elections Will Reveal Important Trends for 2018, 2020

    Special elections and elections in Western democracies offer lessons on the underlying dynamics in future general elections here in the United States.   Consider the surprise special election victories of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown in January of 2010 for Ted Kennedy's Senate ...

  • 04.05.17

    Schumer's Task Is Democratic Unity

    Chuck Schumer was dealt a weak hand by the 2016 elections. He is the Senate minority leader, not the majority leader, as most thought might happen last fall. And now, he faces several obstacles in a high-stakes game of political pinochle.After Donald Trump's inauguration, Democrats were ...

  • 10.03.16

    Kaine, Pence Have Clear Missions at VP Debate

    Tomorrow’s vice presidential debate most likely won’t capture the voters’ imagination, and it will certainly not draw as many viewers as last week’s presidential debate, but it could still play a meaningful tactical role.The recent history of vice presidential debates bears ...

  • 08.15.16

    Politicians Should Mind the Climate Change Gap

    Over the last decade, two gaps have had a huge impact on American politics, especially here in New York state: the gender gap and the race gap. A third electoral gap is on the cusp of joining them – the climate change gap.I coined the term “climate change gap” when I found it ...

  • 04.13.16

    What Is the Path to Victory for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in New York?

    What Is the Path to Victory for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in New York?By Bruce GyoryNew York SlantAs the presidential race centers squarely upon New York state, the seminal question becomes, can Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton rebound in their home state?Just over half of Republican voters ...

  • 11.07.15

    What the Pundits Keep Missing About 2016

    The initial mistake by pundits early in the 2016 presidential race was to prematurely predict that campaigns by political outsiders—non-establishment candidates—would evaporate at a first gaffe or controversy.Now, the same so-called experts ignore that a polling ceiling hangs over the ...



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