• 04.20.17

    Nine Practices of Successful Public/Private Partnerships

    Public/private partnerships—collaborations between the public and private sectors—are increasingly important vehicles to facilitate high-quality development and redevelopment and creation of public facilities and infrastructure.Though PPPs are not new, they are being used more widely in ...

  • 08.25.16

    Proactive Predevelopment for Successful P3s

    A new report was recently published by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) called Successful Public/Private Partnerships: From Principles to Practice. The report provides valuable tools and perspectives to both the public and private sectors that will assist both sectors as they work to create vibrant ...

  • 07.23.12

    10 Reasons Why Sustainable/Energy Retrofits of Commercial Buildings Will Be the Next Big Thing

    According to the US Department of Energy, commercial buildings account for 35 percent of US (and 40 percent of global) electricity consumption. Existing commercial buildings on average spend 30 percent of their operating budgets on operating costs and account for close to 20 percent of all global ...

  • 07.13.12

    CMBS Concerns

    Are securitized loans worth the trouble? Since becoming popular in the 1980s, commercial mortgage-backed securitization promised commercial real estate borrowers access to more loan capital, often at the most competitive interest rates. The trade-off was more complexity in loan structure and ...

  • 04.20.12

    CMBS 2.0: Still in Need of Work

    Since their arrival in the 1980s, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) have held great promise for commercial real estate borrowers. They greatly increased capital flows into commercial real estate and offered lower-cost loans in exchange for cumbersome loan documentation and less ...

  • 06.02.11

    Selling Distressed Assets

    Three types of distressed-loan sales are options worth considering for financial institutions seeking to improve their balance sheets.The current economic climate and ongoing attention from regulators have financial institutions under growing pressure to raise capital to improve balance sheets. Not ...



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