• 03.18.22

    NEM 3.0 Final Design Will Determine Fate of California’s Solar Market

    Manatt Energy and Environmental Senior Advisor Addison Berry and Manatt Real Estate Partner Elizabeth Levin co-authored an article for Daily Journal on “NEM 3.0," the California Public Utilities Commission's revised state net-metering framework, and its impact on the future of solar ...

  • 07.27.20

    Unlocking the Value of College Real Estate

    Manatt Real Estate partner Grace Winters and associate Elizabeth Levin authored an article for Inside Higher Ed on the significant financial challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for many higher education institutions, and how these institutions can consider monetizing the ...

  • 03.16.17

    Transfer Tax on Ground Lease Assignments

    Documentary transfer taxes collected on the transfer of real property interests are a major source of revenue for counties and municipalities in California. As local governments endeavor to refill their coffers, depleted in the wake of the recession, many have taken a closer look at the tax ...

  • 12.15.16

    License or Lease? The Contractual Limits of the Sharing Economy

    As tech innovators find new ways for people to share and swap living and working spaces, a legal question remains unanswered: what rights do these sharers have to the spaces they occupy? Is the shared desk in a co-working space treated like an office lease? Is a monthlong rental of a mansion the ...

  • 07.21.16

    Co-Housing the Next Boom for Boomers

    Seniors are benefiting from and providing ride-sharing services through Uber, temporary lodgings through AirBnB, and many other pooled services ranging from food delivery to pet care. Real estate developers looking to bring the sharing economy home should turn their attention to this growing ...

  • 06.17.15

    As-Is Deals May Not Be So As-Is

    Owners of real property rely on "as-is" and "independent investigation" clauses in their real estate contracts and leases to shield them from litigation over mistaken or misinterpreted statements made in the course of negotiations. However, recent court decisions have called ...



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