• 01.07.21

    Recoup, There It Is: An Artist's Guide to Royalty Hunting

    Leader of Manatt’s entertainment transactions and finance practice Jordan Bromley co-authored an article for Billboard—alongside business management firm Parr3’s Mike Merriman—about how artists should focus on identifying and collecting unclaimed royalties to which they are ...

  • 09.12.19

    Bromley Writes for Billboard on DOJ Consent Decree Review and What It Means for Songwriters

    Manatt entertainment transactions and finance leader Jordan Bromley wrote for Billboard on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) consent decree review and what it means for songwriters. “If you’ve been paying even a little attention, you’re probably hearing the words that ...

  • 05.10.19

    Safe Harbor Reform in the United States: The Time is Now

    “Recent news of the European Union directive related to active measures online service providers (or “OSPs”) must now take to police infringement on their sites has re-sparked a similar discussion in the United States, notably with the recent Copyright Office panel discussions ...

  • 03.12.19

    The Music Modernization Act: A Songwriter's Guide to What Matters Next

    “The Music Modernization Act passed last October with much fanfare and excitement. But now, after the party, we are all looking at what that means, exactly. Here are a few areas to keep in mind as we move forward.”

  • 04.18.18

    The Most Significant Music Licensing Bill in a Generation

    Dubbed "the most significant licensing bill in a generation," the Music Modernization Act is the product of broad consensus adopted by both the music business and its historic combatants. The House Judiciary Committee approved the act last week, and the Senate is expected to introduce a ...

  • 03.07.18

    A Letter to Songwriters on the Copyright Royalty Board

    After a two year battle and tens of millions of dollars spent by the NMPA and the digital streaming services regarding setting new streaming mechanical rates, the Copyright Royalty Board recently posted its decision on streaming payouts to songwriters and publishers. Though the headline news is a ...

  • 02.23.18

    The Music Modernization Act: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

    This bill was borne from good intentions and a genuine desire by songwriters, publishers and DSPs to solve a problem.The negotiated and much debated Music Modernization Act is now before our Congress and Senate, two groups embroiled in stalemates on health care, immigration and government ...

  • 01.23.18

    The Future of the Streaming Economy: Five Things to Watch

    Over the course of the past several years, we have been watching with a keen eye and sometimes predicting various elements of the rise of the streaming economy. At the end of 2016 we showed you how streaming income is distributed to creators and IP owners with our royalty streaming infographic and ...

  • 07.25.16

    Why Music Streaming Is Good for Creators and Consumers

    Streaming music platforms have been a polarizing force in the music business of late. While most artists are available on such services as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, other major acts have historically either restricted their releases from streaming services or banned them entirely. Among them: ...

  • 06.28.15

    So You Want Music in Your Video: 5 Things So You Don't Get Sued

    Last month we received a call from a woman who made an unassuming video of her daughter's wedding and added her favorite song. She was frightened, a little angry and perplexed by the copyright infringement letter she received from a major music publisher."All I did was make a video for ...



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