Furthering the Conversation About Mental Health

Lean on Me
– Daily Journal

Manatt’s Michael Rexford, a partner in the firm’s entertainment and media practice, was interviewed by the Daily Journal for an article on suicide and mental health awareness. Music partner Jeff Biederman was also mentioned.

Rexford spoke with the publication about his past experiences with depression, his nonprofit suicide prevention and awareness foundation and his desire to educate and raise awareness about mental health.

“[The] majority of people in society have no idea how to talk to someone in crisis,” said Rexford. “We are essentially trained to give people space and to not be intrusive, which for people stuck in the darkness of despair creates an isolation and alienation that compounds that despair.”

Biederman emphasized Rexford’s commitment to helping others. “We do not have the world’s easiest job,” he told the publication. “And [Rexford] devotes buckets of time to reaching out to people.”

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