Trump Claims Kavanaugh Is Innocent at Ceremonial Swearing In

CNN Tonight With Don Lemon

Manatt’s Jack Quinn and Gregg Nunziata, partners in the firm’s government and regulatory practice, were interviewed in a panel discussion on CNN about President Donald Trump’s comments on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s innocence.

The news segment reviewed Kavanaugh’s ceremonial swearing in, and noted that Trump claimed that Kavanaugh and his family had been mistreated, citing the FBI’s investigation into Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault claims as proof of Kavanaugh’s innocence.

Quinn analyzed Kavanaugh’s speech at the ceremony, and shared his thoughts on the newly confirmed Supreme Court justice.

“I became a pretty strong opponent in particular after Dr. Ford came forward, but I will say that today, tonight, Justice Kavanaugh was gracious,” said Quinn. “He showed a dose of humility that we sure didn't see in front of that Senate Judiciary Committee. I think he struck the right tone.”

Nunziata gave his thoughts on how polarized the Democratic and Republican parties have become throughout Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

“It’s an unfortunate place to be as a country, that we're willing to automatically believe that someone from the other party is a rapist or automatically disbelieve an accuser because they belong to the opposite party,” said Nunziata.



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