Companies File Brief With Supreme Court in Support of LGBTQ+ Rights

Historic Number of Companies Join Push for LGBTQ+ Inclusion
– Workforce

Manatt’s Brian Turoff, head of the firm’s New York employment and labor practice, spoke with Workforce on a new push for the expansion of LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace.

Over 200 U.S. and international companies submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court ahead of cases dealing with LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination being heard by the Court on October 8, according to Workforce. This is the highest number of organization signatures received for a business brief in an LGBTQ+ non-discrimination case.

Turoff said that after the hearing commences, it could take months for the Court to come to a decision.

“A ruling in favor of the brief could not only impact federal anti-discrimination laws, but will change the way companies and human resources structure policies and training,” he said. “Where you will of course see a much different impact are the places that have been resistant to passing these kind of laws. It changes this from an issue that’s been addressed in pockets to something that’s being addressed across the board, nationally.”

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