Orris Quoted in FierceHealthcare on Tennessee’s Proposed Medicaid Plan Changes

4 major questions on Tennessee’s bid to become first state to get a Medicaid block grant
– FierceHealthcare

Manatt Health counsel Allison Orris spoke with FierceHealthcare about Tennessee’s recent bid to become the first state to convert its federal Medicaid funding into a block grant. In the article, Orris notes that while Tennessee’s proposed changes may not result in reduced eligibility, they may make it more difficult for people to enroll in the program. She also notes that the proposed changes will lead to less regulations for the state’s managed care providers, saying “[t]hey are asking for a lot of traditional CMS oversight to go away. There are things like review of contracts, review of rates and actuarial soundness. All of that goes to what would network adequacy look like and what would payment rates look like.”

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