Conner Quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on COVID-19’s Impact on the Indie Film Industry

Cannes Dealmakers' Concern: COVID-19 Insurance Risks
– The Hollywood Reporter
Leader of Manatt Entertainment Lindsay Conner spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about Cannes’ move to an all-digital format this year due to COVID-19, and how the pandemic is impacting the prospects of the indie movie industry. In the article, Conner discusses the increasingly important role that the streaming platforms are expected to play within the indie film market, specifically at Cannes this year, saying, “the fast-rising streamers have the money to fund or purchase films without worrying about theatrical distribution issues or the need to cobble together financing from a patchwork of territories. Production challenges may still affect them, but the impact of production issues is reduced because they don’t have to meet a release schedule to make quarterly numbers or sustain a distribution platform.”

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