• 04.04.19

    A Thousand Words: Getty Images Trigger Class Action

    In a new putative class action complaint, a Texas-based digital media marketing company accused Getty of fraudulently claiming ownership of copyrights in public domain images and selling fictitious copyright licenses for such images.

  • 03.28.19

    TINA Seeks to Influence FTC on Social Media Influencers

    Decrying the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) lack of action against social media influencers, Truth in Advertising, Inc. (TINA), filed a formal complaint with the agency.

  • 03.28.19

    Will Washington Be the Next California?

    By a vote of 46-1, the state Senate passed the Washington Privacy Act (WPA), which would provide consumers in the state with the right to learn what data is collected about them and whether the information is sold to outside companies.

  • 03.28.19

    Federal Bill Would Expand COPPA

    Federal lawmakers have proposed a new bill (Senate Bill 748) that would amend the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to prohibit behaviorally targeted ads being directed to anyone under the age of 16 and mandate that companies obtain explicit consent from teens between the ages ...

  • 03.28.19

    $2.5M Deal Snuffs Out Cigar Promotion Suit

    A challenge to a cigar company’s “buy one, get one” promotions ended with a $2.5 million settlement recently approved by an Oregon federal court.

  • 03.21.19

    KleptoCats App Steals FTC Referral From Self-Regulatory Programs

    In a joint referral, the Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program and the Children’s Advertising Review Unit notified the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that HyperBeard had refused to participate in the self-regulatory review process of its data privacy practices related to ...

  • 03.21.19

    Now Fortnite Players Are Suing the Game

    The latest lawsuit against Fortnite focuses on in-game purchases—not dance moves—and the plaintiff alleges that Epic Games (Epic) induces players to buy “loot boxes” that rarely turn out to have any value or benefit.

  • 03.21.19

    Copyright Registration Required, Supreme Court Rules

    In a unanimous opinion resolving a circuit split, the U.S. Supreme Court held that copyright owners must wait to file an infringement lawsuit until a copyright registration has been issued.

  • 03.21.19

    Talking Cat App Should Keep Quiet on Advertising, CARU Recommends

    A mobile application that features a talking cat and is geared toward children must clearly disclose its advertising content, must delete inappropriate ads in the app and must remove advertising content from its privacy policy, the Children’s Advertising Review Unit recently recommended.

  • 03.14.19

    Musical.ly Sings New Tune With $5.7M FTC Settlement

    The Federal Trade Commission announced the largest civil penalty obtained in a Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) case, in a $5.7 million settlement with video social network app TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly.