• 05.09.19

    #Trademark Infringement, California Court Rules

    Considering the defendant’s use of the plaintiff’s trademarks in hashtags and other social media posts, a California federal court granted a preliminary injunction to halt the use.

  • 05.02.19

    California Appellate Panel Upholds Validity of Pricing Statute

    Siding with the government, a California appellate panel held that section 17501 of the Business & Professions Code was not unconstitutionally vague on its face or as applied to national retailers accused of deceptive pricing.

  • 05.02.19

    ‘Puerto Rico’s Favorite Pasta’ Is Not Puffery, NAD Says

    Weighing in on a pasta advertising dispute, the National Advertising Division (NAD) recommended that Goya Foods discontinue claims that its Excelsior brand pasta was “Puerto Rico’s favorite pasta” in a challenge brought by Riviana Foods, the maker of competing brand Ronzoni.

  • 05.02.19

    Promotions Company Earns Lawsuit From Indiana AG

    Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has sued a Texas-based promotions company, alleging that Hopkins and Raines, Inc., deceptively advertised promotions on behalf of motor vehicle dealerships in violation of state law.

  • 05.02.19

    ‘Made in USA’ Settlement Divides FTC

    The Federal Trade Commission’s approval of a pair of settlements involving defendants accused of making deceptive “Made in USA” claims revealed a split among the commissioners with regard to the agency’s use of remedies.

  • 04.25.19

    Mercedes Drives Copyright Dispute to Court

    Taking the offensive, Mercedes-Benz has filed suit against four graffiti artists over the car company’s use of their street art in a social media post.

  • 04.25.19

    Ad Groups Aim to Pass Federal Privacy Legislation

    The advertising industry has teamed up to form a new organization dedicated to enacting federal privacy legislation.

  • 04.25.19

    FTC Wants Some Loot

    Loot boxes are the subject of an upcoming Federal Trade Commission (FTC) workshop, with stakeholders encouraged to take part in the discussion of the controversial in-game rewards gaining popularity in online games.

  • 04.25.19

    Car Company’s ‘Built in the USA’ Claims Crash After TINA Inquiry

    Mercedes-Benz halted claims that one of its vehicles was “built in the USA” after an investigation by the organization Truth in Advertising (TINA).

  • 04.18.19

    FTC Settles Over Undisclosed Reviews, Auto Renewal Programs

    “Free” trial offers that did not adequately state the terms of auto renewal programs and failed to disclose compensated reviews resulted in a deal with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for UrthBox, Inc., and its principal, Behnam Behrouzi.