• 08.02.18

    Allergy Claims Cause NAD to React With Recommendation to Discontinue

    Claims for an allergy medication should be discontinued because they lack the necessary support, the National Advertising Division recently recommended, despite seemingly contrary findings in prior decisions that considered some of the studies at issue.

  • 08.02.18

    Appellate Courts Pass on Embedded Link, Publicity Rights Cases

    In appellate news, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit declined to consider a high-profile copyright case involving embedded links while the California Supreme Court passed on actress Olivia de Havilland’s publicity rights challenge to an FX television show.

  • 08.02.18

    Take Two: ANA Updates Transparency Template

    Two years after releasing a report on media transparency accompanied by a services agreement template, the Association of National Advertisers provided an update with version 2.0.

  • 07.26.18

    Bedding Company Files Trademark Suit Against Amazon

    Amazon infringed on Comphy’s trademark by posting results for “inferior third-party sheets” when consumers searched for terms like “comph” and “comphy” on the Amazon site, according to a new Illinois federal court complaint.

  • 07.26.18

    CARU Has a Song of Modification for Karaoke App

    A karaoke app should modify its privacy practices to achieve compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Children’s Advertising Review Unit’s (CARU) guidelines, the self-regulatory body has recommended.

  • 07.26.18

    New York Court Gets Fresh With Juicemaker

    A New York federal court judge narrowed the scope of a consumer class action brought against Whole Foods and Freshbev over a line of juices marketed as “fresh.”

  • 07.26.18

    Lack of Disclosures Remains Problematic for Social Media Influencers

    A new class action charges brands with paying social media influencers to promote their products while failing to ensure appropriate disclosures were made.

  • 07.18.18

    Probiotic Claims Not Making NAD Feel Better

    After considering claims made by i-Health Inc. for its Culturelle probiotic supplements, the National Advertising Division (NAD) recommended that the company discontinue television and online advertising as well as product packaging.

  • 07.18.18

    Pizza Chain Delivers Advertising Challenge

    A cease and desist letter from Domino’s Pizza hasn’t deterred a small pizza chain from continuing to challenge the national company in its advertising.

  • 07.18.18

    California Supreme Court Gives Yelp a Positive Review

    In a closely watched case, a divided California Supreme Court ruled that a court order directing Yelp to remove defamatory posts violated section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).



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