• 10.20.16

    Defining and Resolving the Provider Data Dilemma

    The healthcare system is undergoing massive transformation, including new insurance marketplaces, expanded public and commercial coverage, rapid digitalization and emerging value-based regulatory and payment reforms.

  • 02.24.16

    The Connected Patient: Using Digital Health in Care Management

    Broadly speaking, connected health is a model for healthcare delivery that uses technology to provide healthcare remotely.

  • 10.21.15

    Directory Assistance: Maintaining Reliable Provider Directories for Health Plan Shoppers

    Since implementation of the ACA, more consumers are shopping for health insurance through the individual commercial market. Many of these consumers are obtaining insurance for the first time and must navigate a complex coverage market and make important decisions for themselves and for their ...

  • 06.22.15

    Examining Fee Splitting Statutes in the Context of Value-Based Healthcare

    Fee splitting prohibitions are aimed primarily at situations where a healthcare professional, in order to generate patient referrals from other licensed or unlicensed persons, splits part of the professional fee earned from treating the referred patient with the source of the referral.

  • 10.15.14

    Business Associate Compliance with HIPAA

    HIPAA is the principal federal law regulating health information privacy. It applies to Covered Entities, which broadly consist of healthcare providers, health insurers and healthcare clearinghouses.



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