Kaylee Cox Bankston

Cybersecurity and Privacy

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The privacy and security regulatory landscape is constantly and rapidly evolving. Smaller and emerging organizations have the benefit of creating a foundational culture of privacy and security from the company’s inception. Working with startups is an exciting opportunity to help shape the program and position the company to be a leader on these critical issues.

Professional Background

I focus my practice on complex cybersecurity and privacy matters, including data privacy and security compliance, information governance, security incident response and breach preparation, regulatory investigations, litigation and class action defense, and development of corporate privacy and security programs.

I advise emerging companies in a wide range of industries on data privacy and security risk management as well as compliance with state, federal and international privacy laws and regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), among others.

I also develop and conduct information security and privacy program assessments and lead cybersecurity simulations and war games to evaluate and develop corporate incident response protocols and risk mitigation strategies.

I am a Certified Information Privacy Professional for the U.S. private sector (CIPP/US).

Areas of Focus

  • Technology and social media
  • E-commerce and fintech
  • Health, wellness and medtech
  • Adtech and martech

My Advice to Entrepreneurs
  1. It is never too early to develop your privacy and security program. Startups are in a unique position to establish their program from the ground up.  
  2. A sound privacy and security culture starts at the top. When your team members consistently see that privacy and security are priorities to leadership, it will help set the tone throughout the organization and keep privacy and security top of mind for the workforce.
  3. Memorialize your privacy and security policies and procedures in writing, and train all personnel on their obligations and responsibilities, no matter how small your organization is currently.