Timothy Lohse


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I assisted a small startup in strategizing and filing a patent portfolio directed to music transfer between a remote database and a handheld device in advance of the first iPhone, and that portfolio contributed to a very successful exit by the startup.

Professional Background

I am an attorney in Manatt’s Digital and Technology group, concentrating my practice on patent preparation, prosecution, litigation and strategic counseling for both emerging and Fortune 500 companies. I have a substantial background in advising clients on patent portfolio development for software technologies, such as computer cache memory replacement strategies, wireless applications, database storage systems, content searching algorithms and other web-based business systems; solar technologies; and mechanical, electromechanical and electrical technologies, including aerospace flight devices, computer architectures, database systems, and optical and electrical components for medical equipment. I also have significant trial experience in patent reexaminations and inter partes reviews (IPRs).

Beyond patent prosecution, I have deep technical knowledge in intellectual property and technology, international trade, regulatory and government affairs, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, litigation, and arbitration and investigations. This allows me to protect core proprietary inventions and technologies on behalf of clients across technology-driven sectors, including those working in media, sports and entertainment, and life sciences.

I have more than 25 years of experience in patent law, in addition to my participation in the IndieBio incubator in San Francisco and speaking and teaching engagements including teaching “Crafting and Drafting Winning Patents” for Patent Resource Group.

Representative Experience with Emerging Companies

  • Developed a U.S. and international patent portfolio with both hardware and software patents for an emerging company that produces locking caps for prescription bottles. Also assisted the company with a design-around effort and patent filing for a new product offering.
  • Assisted a publicly traded semiconductor company in pivoting into a new area of computational memory products and developed the patent portfolio to protect the new computational memory product.
  • Represented an innovative, fully automated cardiac defibrillator company in developing its U.S. and international patent portfolio with both hardware and software patents. The portfolio provides coverage across the client’s entire product offering and multiple patents that cover different aspects of each product feature.

Areas of Focus

  • Patent strategy
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent reexaminations
  • Inter partes reviews (IPRs)

My Advice to Entrepreneurs
  1. Be very wary of a provisional patent application and its protection. A poor provisional patent application is like a magnificent mansion built on a wobbly foundation.
  2. Allocate sufficient resources to the patent portfolio of the company.
  3. Be wary, from an intellectual property perspective, of corporate partners.