• Manatt Health Solutions

    Manatt Health Solutions is an interdisciplinary policy and business advisory division of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP, one of the nation’s premier law and consulting firms. MHS helps clients develop and implement strategies to address their greatest challenges, improve performance, and position themselves for long-term sustainability and growth.

    The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving in both the public and private sectors. Clients look to MHS professionals for leading experience in healthcare coverage and access, healthcare information technology (health IT), healthcare financing and reimbursement, and healthcare restructuring. MHS also provides personalized services, such as strategic and business advice, policy analysis and research, project implementation, alliance building and advocacy, and government relations.

    MHS professionals’ breadth of experience and interdisciplinary approach attract a wide range of for-profit and nonprofit clients in both the public and private sectors.

    MHS applies the following core set of principles to every engagement:

    • Work collaboratively with the client to establish a trusted relationship and reach workable solutions.
    • Preserve the confidentiality of the client to serve its best interests.
    • Engage the best team of people in the firm with the right breadth and depth of experience to meet the client’s needs.
    • Take a senior management approach to integrate solutions across the different functions and processes of a business or organization.
    • Apply fact-based analysis to provide robust and practical solutions for our clients.

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    Areas of Focus

    Alliance Building & Advocacy

    A multifaceted approach to advocacy and coalition-building is essential, no matter what the objective. Whether the goal is to change government practice, influence public policy or secure specific legislative or regulatory change, Manatt Health Solutions works closely with clients to develop and implement effective advocacy campaigns. We help clients' understand how other stakeholders are impacted by policies and how our clients' interests may compete with or complement stakeholders' goals. When needed, the team builds coalitions to advance the shared agenda, and secure policy change. Manatt Health Solutions professionals are skilled at facilitating consensus by:

    • Effectively communicating both a problem and its proposed solutions to policy makers and prospective coalition partners
    • Advocating for change by using research findings and recommendations through strategic mechanisms such as reports, briefings, testimony, meetings, industry conferences and the media
    • Identifying areas of shared interest with other healthcare stakeholders and forging alliances to advance a common agenda
    • Anticipating and defusing opposition

    Coverage & Access

    Manatt Health Solutions knows the importance of rooting public policy and business solutions in the practical realities of service delivery, care utilization and public program implementation. 

    Manatt Health Solutions professionals collectively have decades of experience working with the healthcare safety net and the public health insurance programs upon which they rely. Our work runs the full spectrum, involving community health centers, disproportionate-share hospitals, health plans and advocates for the medically underserved and the uninsured. We help translate the good work and services offered by our clients into terms that resonate with policy makers, elected officials and funding sources.

    Manatt Health Solutions also understands the opportunities and challenges of working with public health insurance programs and financing streams. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the multitude of insurance programs and indigent care supports on which safety net providers and patients depend, including:

    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • State child health insurance programs (S-CHIPs)
    • Federal disproportionate-share payments and state indigent care pools
    • Title X
    • The Ryan White Program
    • The federal 340B discount drug program
    • State pharmaceutical assistance programs

    Manatt Health Solutions helps clients align the laws and policies that govern these public programs and financing streams with the practical demands of care delivery and program implementation. We help our clients make public programs and public policy work.

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    Financing & Reimbursement

    Manatt Health Solutions helps clients to navigate complex rules regarding healthcare finance and reimbursement. Manatt Health Solutions is at the forefront of conceptualizing, designing and implementing capital financing vehicles for the healthcare industry. Our team has significant experience in a broad range of health payment issues, including Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs, and commercial managed care payment arrangements. We are well versed in the specialized reimbursement rules impacting different types of healthcare organizations, from Part D prescription drug plans to Federally Qualified Health Centers.

    Manatt Health Solutions' experience in healthcare financing is invaluable to clients in evaluating new programmatic initiatives, developing innovative capital financing programs, restructuring operations to maximize reimbursement, and evaluating mergers and acquisitions. Our broad range of financing projects has funded inner-city hospitals, community health centers, AIDS facilities and nursing homes. Manatt Health Solutions is now breaking ground in creating financing programs for health information exchange projects developed by regional health information organizations.

    Manatt Health Solutions recognizes the unique financial, operational and political challenges faced by nonprofit health and human services organizations seeking to advance critically important missions with limited resources. We also understand the opportunities and challenges of working with public health insurance programs and grants for healthcare companies, including:

    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • State child health insurance programs (S-CHIPs)
    • Federal disproportionate-share payments and state indigent care pools
    • Title X
    • The Ryan White program
    • The federal 340B discount drug program

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    Government Relations

    Manatt Health Solutions' substantive understanding of regulated industries and the inner workings of government enables our firm to develop, advocate and implement integrated business, legal and government strategies and activities. We draw on extensive knowledge, experience, and contacts to achieve our clients' goals. Manatt Health Solutions is able to provide an unparalleled breadth of public policy and advocacy services nationwide, with offices in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento, California, and Albany, New York.

    Manatt Health Solutions professionals maintain strong and continuing relationships with key executive- and legislative-branch officials and their staffs in both political parties at the federal, state and local levels. Our staff members have served in leadership positions as U.S. ambassadors; presidential appointees; senior career federal and state government officials; senior congressional staff; state legislators, leaders and staff; as well as in city and county governments throughout California and New York State, and in Washington, D.C. Manatt Health Solutions' success is the direct result of the breadth, depth and diversity of its professionals who apply their policy experience and knowledge of government to benefit our clients.

    Healthcare Information Technology

    Manatt Health Solutions professionals possess comprehensive knowledge of the health IT environment from a public policy and private sector perspective. Our extensive experience in developing and implementing health IT initiatives on the national, state, local and provider-specific levels, uniquely qualifies us to provide creative and practical approaches to the opportunities and challenges that arise in enabling health IT. We understand the complex interplay among healthcare stakeholders and their underlying health information needs and industry partners and their roles in transforming our healthcare system through IT. Manatt Health Solutions assists healthcare stakeholder and industry partner clients in positioning themselves not only to advance their internal goals and accelerate growth, but also to influence public policy and private marketplace developments.

    Manatt Health Solutions offers hands-on assistance to help clients navigate the seismic shifts in the way healthcare information is shared, stored, aggregated, analyzed and applied to save lives and money. Our team has the industry knowledge to determine the options that health information technology provides for large-scale transformative projects, payment system reform, public reporting of health information, and advancing consumer participation in healthcare.

    Manatt Health Solutions has in-depth understanding of how providers, payers and life sciences companies are investing in health IT and using health information, and how high-tech companies and standards and certification bodies are supporting adoption and the issues they face. We monitor and assess these trends, understand their implications on our clients, and translate this knowledge into workable solutions.

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    Healthcare Reform

    How does the Supreme Court’s decision impact the future of healthcare in the U.S.?

    The long-awaited Supreme Court decision brings clarity to the future of health care reform and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The following represents Manatt’s first take on the ruling and its implications. We will continue to develop a more detailed perspective in the days and weeks to come, and welcome the opportunity to work with you on how the ruling will impact your organization and those you serve.  Read more

    Healthcare Restructuring

    Members of our firm have spent the last 30 years helping financially distressed entities develop and implement strategies to fulfill their mission and meet their bottom line. Our clients include a range of healthcare entities as well as public and nonprofit hospitals and academic medical centers. Many are “safety-net” providers furnishing uncompensated services in vulnerable communities. Manatt Health Solutions helps our clients address a broad range of governance, administrative, financial, operational and clinical matters on the road to financial and operational recovery. Manatt Health Solutions' critical “turnaround” advice and supportive services include:

    • In-depth analysis of the full range of operational and financial issues faced by the provider
    • Development of solutions involving internal changes and, where appropriate, external support
    • Use of proven service delivery models to help a provider improve its financial standing
    • Extensive negotiations with creditors
    • Corporate restructurings and various merger, sale and other transactions
    • Bankruptcy protection

    Manatt Health Solutions has developed creative financing techniques to provide relief to our financially distressed clients. Our restructuring practice has helped nonprofit, as well as state, city and county-sponsored hospitals and community health centers address their structural and financial challenges. Each restructuring is done in a comprehensive, practical manner, helping institutions survive and continue to serve their communities. Our restructuring services can assist providers in becoming more efficient and in adapting to the constantly changing healthcare environment. Manatt Health Solutions professionals work with healthcare systems to conduct in-depth organizational reviews and develop a template for change in the following areas:

    • Corporate and organizational framework
    • Administrative and management structure
    • Licensure and accreditation
    • Demographic and market analysis
    • Medical staff organization
    • Physician arrangements
    • Physician staffing
    • Clinical programs
    • Clinical or other affiliation arrangements
    • Graduate medical education programs
    • Financial performance, and budgetary and financial relationship to sponsoring or affiliated entities, including review of operating and capital budgets, and third-party billing and reimbursement issues
    • Personnel administration/labor relations
    • Facilities plans, including condition and needs for plant and equipment
    • Capital financing requirements and potential refinancing or other restructuring options
    • Real estate holdings/existing mortgage obligations
    • Medical malpractice and other insurance

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    Project Implementation

    The on-the-ground, operational experience of Manatt Health Solutions professionals uniquely qualifies us to assist clients in getting initiatives and partnerships up and running. We help translate government programs or market developments into successful and sustainable programs and operations for individual organizations. Manatt Health Solutions provides implementation services to leading health IT initiatives and has content expertise in a wide variety of technical, policy, business, organization and legal aspects of healthcare programs. We manage and execute projects by:

    • Aligning the laws and policies that govern programs and financing streams with the practical demands of care delivery and program implementation
    • Developing budgets, work plans and staffing plans
    • Shepherding new initiatives through government approval processes
    • Assisting with securing government and commercial financing

    Policy Analysis & Research

    Manatt Health Solutions professionals have the experience needed to address real-world problems in the healthcare sector. Over the years, they have earned the respect of policy makers and industry experts through consistent, informed and sophisticated research and analysis such as:

    • Examining emerging trends, analyzing policy implications and developing recommendations for action
    • Translating qualitative research and data analysis into practical and compelling solutions
    • Aligning laws and public policies with the practical demands of care delivery, financing and program implementation

    Strategy & Business Advice

    The strategic and business advice we provide enables clients to understand and take advantage of new healthcare programs, public-private collaborations and the developing market for health information technology. Our advice also aligns and informs community, regional and state strategies to improve healthcare delivery nationwide. This strategic component includes:

    • Conducting strategic planning, including implementation and operational approaches
    • Providing market assessments and competitive analyses to inform business opportunities
    • Forecasting and monitoring of public policy and private market trends, and assessing their impact on business strategy and operations
    • Developing innovative approaches to product development, sales and marketing to accelerate growth
    • Aligning business priorities and public policy to enhance a company's sales and product development strategies 

    Attorneys & Professionals

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    Manatt Health Solutions

    Selected Clients

    • Aetna
    • Ascension Health
    • Blue Shield of California
    • Children's Hospital Association
    • Dignity Health (formerly known as Catholic Healthcare West)
    • Kaiser Family Foundation
    • Maimonides Medical Center
    • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
    • New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation
    • New York State Health Foundation
    • Sutter Health
    • Tenet Healthcare Corporation
    • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (representing 11 states)
    • UCLA Health System
    • University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
    • University of Chicago Medical Center
    • Westchester County Health Care